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Single Family Home in Saratoga, CA
June 4, 2017
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Mixed Use Building Design Dodoma, Tanzania
February 20, 2017

Duplex House Design In Scotland

Duplex House Design In Scotland
    We undertook the design of a duplex house in a rolling hill area in Scotland. The challenge we faced was the slope of 2 meters in every 50 meters. The client requested that before we initiate the design display the outside view of the house from inside using the SketchUp program, in case there are some required modifications. After we have done the preliminary design, we delivered videos of the house and received approval from the client. Afterward, we completed the plans and finished the architectural phase of the project. We collaborated closely with our client to fulfill his requirements in designing the duplex. The structural phase will be carried out by a local structural engineering company to acquire the permit from building controls. Unique duplex house design If you plan to design your unique duplex house in Scotland or the UK, we would be delighted to assist in the structural and architectural design process.



    April 2017


    Scotland - UK