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Family Holiday House

The family holiday House is a vacation residence located in the scenic environs of Dubai in the UAE. It is right in the midst of a beautiful decor of palm trees just outside the city of Dubai.

We were required to establish the entire structural and architectural set up for a private client. The structure was a 3 story house with a parking space in the basement.

The idea of our architect was to effectively design mirrored doors and windows. The client wanted a fully-open structure in the basement for parking purposes. Considering the architectural design and the availability of materials, our structural team had to go with the design comprising of a full concrete frame and a waffle slab whose formation could allow for longer spans.

The high standards of contemporary architecture and the astonishing landscape that surrounded the structure made it both safe and confident.

If you are planning to have your unique family holiday house, S3DA Design would be delighted to assist in the design. All you have to do is to contact us and we will take it up from there.

  • Category :Architectural, Structural Engineering
  • Client :Mansour . Z
  • Location :Dubai - UAE
  • Date :June, 2017