house extension project in TX, Dallas
House extension in Dallas, Texas
June 2, 2018
modern home design
Modern home design in Danville, CA
June 2, 2018
Home addition design in Santa Clara City, CA

    Home addition design in Santa Clara City, CA

    We have an ongoing ~400sqft home addition design project in Santa Clara, CA.  The house is about 1290sqf, 3 bedrooms, 2 bath building plus 480sqf garage. In a very short but constructive discussion with the client, we found out his intention to expand the living room by using the unconsumed patio. That was a very good idea for this home.
    Our client shared us his requirements which were interesting, and we expressed our technical points and reached to mutual conclusion for stating the project. We have already started the architectural design, then after we will perform structural design. We hope to finish these drawings within 15 days. We deliver a package to our client ready for submission in Santa Clara city, and then he can start the construction.

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    March 2018


    Santa Clara City, CA