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Home Renovation Project in Washington DC

We carried out a home renovation project in Washington DC. The house is a 2-unit residential building about 3,500 square feet , including basement.

We were pleased to discuss details of the project with our client. We wanted to find out why he wanted to redesign and what he hoped to accomplish – a better layout, more space or just a more beautiful home. We shared our ideas and process with him for guiding him through a successful home renovation project.

We worked closely to our client to develop a design that satisfies his requirements. In the first step, We started the architectural design and then  we worked on structural design and MEP stages.

We provided and delivered a set of the full construction package for getting building permission then He can start his home renovation project.

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  • Category :Architectural, Structural Engineering
  • Client :Private Client
  • Location :Washington DC. US
  • Date :December 2017