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June 1, 2018
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June 1, 2018
house extension projects in London - UK

    House extension projects in the UK

    We have done many house extension projects In the UK and will do it in the future. We meet our client's requirements for building regulations approval. our house extensions services will help them add new living spaces as well as deliver added value to their building.
    If you are planning to have your unique home, we would be delighted to assist in the design. All you have to do is to contact us and we will take it up from there.

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    During 2016 - 2017 - 2018


    UK- All cities

    Location: 57D Mytchett Road

    Date: May 2018


    Building regulation package for rear extension
    Simple design for rear extension without steel beam to keep the build costs as low as possible. Simple build! The sewer map reveals there is a sewer under the build site. Provided built over sewer details for approval

    Location: Beaford Gorve - London

    Date: April 2018


    Building regulation package for rear extension of the property. Package included the calculation report, foundation, framing, box frame, connection details and regulation notes.

    Location: Braybon Ave, Brighton

    Date: March 2018


    NEW GARAGE, Studio, REAR EXTENSION AND GARDEN DESIGN IN SLOPED SITE We Provide Full building regulation package include: calculation of steel beams, timber joists retaining walls with sequence, raft foundation, details and specification. Software Tedds and Cype was used for analyze, design, and They delivered in dwg and pdf format.

    Location: Hendon way - London

    Date: August 2017


    Structural calculation and Building regulation package for rear extension. The exterior is finished in Canterbury spa, white mix render on the sidewall. The face wall is finished in k-rend. The bi-fold door is in 4 sections to line up with four sections in the triangular window above. Vaulted ceiling with two Velux 1180 x 780.

    Location: Barnard's Hill - London

    Date: July 2017


    We provide set of the Planning package for ground and first floor extension. We also delivered Block plan, existing and proposed plans, elevations and sections based on client's requirement.

    Location: 50D Mytchett Road

    Date: Jun 2018


    Removal of a load bearing wall
    Structural solution with calculations for the opening of the existing wall to the rear going into the kitchen area

    Location: Hayter road

    Date: May 2017


    Opening on the bearing wall for 3 story building. The client asked calculation for the removing part of the wall and create new doorway. The solution was simple concrete beam on the 100mm bearing wall.

    Location: Chobham Rd, London

    Date: April 2018


    Complete building regulation and calculation package for rear extension and loft conversion. Client asked vaulted ceiling for new double pitched rear extension. Detail drawings for insulation, connections, flooring, drainage, foundation and structural section provided for building regulation issue. Existing condition of the loft space evaluated and design based on the existing structure to limit cost of the build.

    Location: Canterbury Close

    Date: June 2017


    Building regulation and structural drawing and details for rear extension. Due to whole removing the bearing wall, has designed Special box frame to resist against the lateral loads. Drainage layout, regulation note, framing layout and structural section provided for building regulation package