Modern contemporary houses In Malawi
Modern contemporary houses In Malawi. Architectural design
June 6, 2018
Family holiday house design in Dubai. Structural and Architectural design
Family holiday house design in Dubai. Structural and Architectural design
June 5, 2018

Kitchen interior design New Jersey. Kitchen Remodeling

We took over a kitchen interior design project for two different kitchens in Jackson, New Jersey. Actually, before picking a pen to draw the first design, you should listen to the client to ensure that you really realize his/her desires and style and really get a feel for his taste. This is what the S3DA Design architecture did before starting the project.  Our architect fist prepared a list of the client’s requirements and then designed according to that.
In the beginning, our client asked for some high resolution/HD renderings (different camera angles/perspectives) of two options with highlighted specific details to choose. He also delivered some pictures and plans of his property. Our designers made two conceptual drawings and did the rendering with high resolution, and sent to the client for his evaluation. The client chose one of the designs and then gave us green light to proceed.
Therefore, we started designing the kitchens and equipment based on his recommendation. He had also asked us to provide him with some photos of what we design in each step. So our work had to reflect his goal. Therefore, we provided several images with different angles and each time we rendered them for a better perspective of what the client had in mind, finally we manage to obtain his satisfaction.

What we provided in the kitchen interior design project included:

  • Conceptual Design
  • Detailed Design and Drawings
  • Presentation Layouts
  • 3D Visualization

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