Loft conversion projects in the UK

Loft conversion project
    We have done many loft conversion projects In UK  and will do it in future. We meet our clients' requirements for building regulations approval.
    If you are planning to convert your loft to the unique bedroom, bathroom, living room and ...., we would be delighted to assist in the architectural and Structural design process. All you have to do is to contact us and we will take it up from there.

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    During 2016 - 2017 - 2018


    All cities - UK

    Location: Beatrice Road - London

    Date: OFebruary 2018


    2 Story semidetached houses with pitch roof using loft space Demolishing the existing bungalow in Kettering Northants and building 2 sets of semidetached houses Structure: Complete set of structural plans and Structural calculation including foundation, Steel beams, timber joists and rafters and relative details and specifications

    Location: Denbigh Road - London

    Date: October 2017


    We provide the Calculation report and framing layout for Double story rear extension and loft conversion.

    Location: West Barnes Lane

    Date: April 2017


    We handled a loft conversion project, It was a typical 1930’s semi-detached house in South West London. We delivered  building regulation drawings and structural calculation to get permission.

    Location:Chobham road-UK

    Date: October 2017


    We delivered the full set of the building regulation and calculation package. Client asked vaulted ceiling for new double pitched rear extension. Detail drawings for insulation, connections, flooring, drainage, foundation and structural section provided for building regulation issue. Existing condition of the loft space evaluated and design based on the existing structure to limit cost of the build.

    Location:Hendon way, London

    Date:May 2017


    We delivered Calculation report and details for the loft conversion

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