Two Story Luxury House Design – Architectural and Structural Engineering

Two story luxury house design- Architectural design

    Scope of work: Converting an Initial apartment design into a luxury house.

    Approx. area: 400sq.m. Footprint.

    The clients' request was to provide full Architectural and Structural package plus MEP and HVAC for a 2-story Luxury house based on the previous architect's designs and the client’s new expectations.




    November 2018


    Nyonyi Gardens Kampala-Uganda

    The first challenge that we had to face was to invest an enormous amount of time into the multiple back&forth with the client’s representative, the representative’s architect/local contractor and the client himself. That led us to some misunderstandings in the architectural aspect of the job and had to be synced in almost each & every back&forth to correct all our misinterpretations of the previous files and/or newly stated demands.
    The next challenge was to apply the most cost-effective yet structurally feasible and available material in the region that we were not quite familiar with. In this regard, the most challenging issue was the first and second story Rib&Block slab structure while we had the HVAC and a more or less comprehensive lighting system to be mounted within the mentioned slabs with no drop ceiling. So our choice was a ductless system that was the best solution based on our previous experiences with other similar situations.
    One of our advantages was the BIM solution (Building Information Modeling). We would have spent much more time if we had started the process in CAD, because of the multiple corrections that mostly would affect not only the other aspects of the design but also the other derived sheets of the same design. Moreover, we benefited a significant amount of time by the means of interconnected links during the architectural and structural stage of work between the architectural and detailing and the structural software. This configuration and workflow benefited us in both defining the likely interference between the different aspects of the architectural and structural work etc. and also being capable of providing the client with almost quality renderings of the final stage of the design from the very beginning stage of work. Hence they were all capable of grasping the overall detailed concept of the design themselves, accelerating our progress significantly.

    Project Time-frame: It was initially agreed to accomplish the job during a month from the agreement but we had to proceed far beyond the schedule due to the extent changes.

      Our deliverable per the agreement signed with the client:

    • Conceptual design, with Int./Ext. 3D visualizations.
    • Architectural package based on the initial concept.
    • Structural package and calculation report based on the locally available material.

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