Mixed Use Building Design Dodoma, Tanzania

mixed use building design Dodoma - Tanzania | Commercial - Residential architect
    Following the initial meetings we started this project on March 31, 2017 and were off to the race to assure that we all find the project feasible, our personalities meld, and our methodology fits the client’s goals. This was the second of multiple projects we designed the full concept of from scratch for this client.
    The main goal was to build an efficient 5 story residential building with commercial space on the ground floor and an underground parking on a lot in Tanzania.
    What the project would look like results from the design process, but we just didn’t know enough until we had gone through our proven process. We simply couldn’t guess what it would look like at the initial stage, but we were able to finally reach the approved design with just the first attempt, and this was a one shot conceptual idea brought up and fostered gradually and in an extremely fast turn-around with the client by one of our architects. He was backed by two of our engineers in terms of looking into all expected structural issues thereof and workarounds from the very begging of the conceptual stage. We succeeded and the outcome was proved.

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    March 2018


    Dodoma, Tanzania

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