3D FRAME - Loft conversion London
40 Riddlesdown Rd, Loft conversion London. Structural Engineering
August 11, 2018
Residential design Tipperary, Ireland - structural design services
Residential design Tipperary, Ireland. Structural Engineering
August 2, 2018

Mixed use design Les Iles, Switzerland. Architectural Design

We provided architectural design services for a new mixed-use building in Switzerland. The building is about 1200 sqm, it was to be built in 3 stories having 1 big shop on the first story and 24 Retails on the second. We had some problems defining the overall height per the limitations also designing a unique and integrated façade for it.
We tried some different ideas and finally agreed on one with the client and carried out the project to the end ready to build/permit. We were able to fulfill the job within the schedule and providing a package that has been submitted to the city for permit.
You can watch the Animation of the project here

Antonio - L


May 2018


Les Iles, Switzerland