Residential structural design project In the UK
May 31, 2018
two story home extension London
Two story home extension in London
May 31, 2018
Office building design in London - UK

    Two-story office building design In London

    The Scope of the Office Building Design

    Our team recently offered structural engineering services to one of our esteemed clients by being actively involved in the office building design project in London, UK. This very challenging project involved the members of our team initiating close rapport with the client’s staff; offering support for their services and creating an avenue for his business to burgeon. We were in charge of the structural design process; a journey which began with a thorough review of the existing and preferred architectural design. The project ended with an on-time delivery of the said building, built with materials of the highest quality. Office building design - structural engineering

    The structure of the office building will be made of:

    • Slab on pile foundation
    • Timber frame roof
    • Metal framing
    • Reinforced slab for the ground floor
    • Precast concrete for the first floor

    Challenges Encountered

    As a result of the soil condition and the cumbersome trees around the structure, we managed to construct the foundation using piles and slab for a heavy load. This was done from the garage on the ground floor. Office building design
    The piles employed was designed based on the soil report and the specified arrangement on the site. The team also provided detail drawings for the ground floor slab. While constructing, we considered designing the steel structure to carry the load from the first-floor precast hollow section concrete. Related page: Why do you need to design your office place?

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    March 2018


    London - UK