structural analysis of a silo in Minco, Oklahoma
Structural Analysis & Design of a Silo in Minco, Oklahoma
May 1, 2018
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Structural Calculation Projects In The UK. Structural Engineering
April 6, 2018
front porch design Portsmouth, New Hampshire

    Porch design Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Architectural design

    Open porch design in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

    Based on our collaboration with a General Contractor, we had to design an open porch. Per the client request, he wanted to find an excellent way to add additional space for entertainment in his home. There was an existing 38ft wide deck in this house and he liked to convert it to a beautiful open porch.
    The client wanted to extend the gable roof on the right side of the house over the open porch. On the existing structure, there was a canopy which is the new design should be removed to allow roof extension and provide a gorgeous look to the house.
    Our architect sat with the client and discussed all available information and ideas to bring up a creative concept. Our architect worked together with our engineer in order to provide a feasible concept to the client. The client liked the concept and approved it. Working closely with the client made this project successful.

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    July 2018


    Portsmouth, New Hampshire