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    Two-story home design in Florida
    The initial intent was to build a high level 2+ large Residential Building on a lot in Florida inspired from a building already built, with some changes to match the client's more specific expectations.
    Fortunately, we were provided by the previous building paper documentation, not ideal but quite efficient to start almost immediately. The initial stage was the Conceptual set to define all the variables, then we provided the architectural and structural packages individually. The main purpose in this project was to reduce the construction cost by the means of changing some of the materials to some updated composites since the previous building was more or less old, also reducing some unnecessary dormers and some other changes.
    We had also an almost inclusive revision to change the second story ICF structure to wooden studs taking into account that the initial design was all based on ICF to the top, and that took us a while specifically in terms of construction details. Notable that what actually led us to be able to accomplish a fully successful package with no technical revisions applied from the city having all happy at the end of the day was mostly because of the apprehensive approach of our respectable client.

    Brad Layland


    June 2017


    Florida- USA

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