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Structural Calculation Project In The UK

After planning approval and in the course of the building regulation drawing stage, it is needed to appoint a structural engineer for obtaining the structural calculations. Structural engineer is required ranging from single story extension which is a straightforward project to a larger scope of works like new built flat or developments. For projects located throughout London, Extension Architecture provides structural consulting engineering services to owners, developers, and also contractors.

Our primary focus is to develop structural systems for buildings of all sizes and complexities for architectural and structural projects. Being known for our innovative and effective solutions even when it seems impossible, we have successfully delivered a solution for challenging structures and sites.

Our engineers have extensive experience in designing structures of which used materials like steel, concrete, glass, timber and aluminum.  Our engineers have broad awareness of market conditions to offer to clients on the appropriate design of a particular project. The structural engineer is deeply concerned with issues of foundation, walls, columns, beams and roof to maintain assurance of structures stability.

Given the fact that the structure forms the skeleton and base of extension/new built, it is vital to have structural calculations done correctly to sustain lifelong stability of the structure. Our success is reflected in our outstanding repeat client list in which includes residential, commercial.  We believe sustainable design is also smart design.

Location: Braybon Ave, Brighton

Date: March 2018

Description: Structural calculation and Building regulation package for rear extension

The exterior is finished in Canterbury spa, white mix render on the sidewall. The face wall is finished in k-rend.

The bi-fold door is in 4 sections to line up with four sections in the triangular window above

Vaulted ceiling with two Velux 1180 x 780.


Date: March 2018


Calculation of the steel beams and pad stones instead of two-removal wall, one of them between the pantry and utility the other between the utility and kitchen. It take the floor joists and catches the outer wall.

Tedds software used for calculation, The project delivered in 3 days

Structural Design of the Exhibition

Date: February 2018


Event: ICE totally gaming 2018, Stand size: 19m*14.5 m

Since the client won’t be allowed to bolt to the ground in the exhibition hall as it’s a temporary structure,  S3DA-DESIGN engineer designed special  floor plates to provide overall stability. For the floor joists has designed plain channel easy construction and more cost-effective.

  • Category :Building Regulation
  • Client :All
  • Location :The UK
  • Date :2018