Double Decker Exhibition Stands Design London. Structural engineering

Double Decker Exhibition Stands Design London

    Double Decker Exhibition Stands Design London

    S3DA Design participated in the preparation of the Free stand Double deck for exhibition (ICE totally gaming 2018) and provided structural engineering services in this project. The client approached us requesting to assist him in the Calculation and detail drawings for Free Stand Double deck structure for Exhibition.
    Since we were not allowed to bolt the ground in the exhibition hall as it’s a temporary structure, we used a horizontal bracing on the ground level to provide integrate structure. We designed special floor plates to provide overall stability and diagonal bracing in the invisible area to resist against the Horizontal load caused by the attendees. Max load of 5 kN/m2 was considered on the staircase to achieve means of escape regulation.
    UKB sections for the main beams and plain channel for the joist and bolted connections made it easy to construct and cost-effective. Box columns were considered to allow hiding inside the wall framing. The Exhibition structure was manufactured and successfully placed in the Expo Hall.
    Event: ICE totally gaming 2018, Stand size: 19m*14.5 m

    Alex Norville


    February 2018


    London - UK

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