Structural engineering project Villa design - Concrete Frame Building
Three Story Concrete Frame Building
May 31, 2018
multi-level buildings in Pasadena
Multi-level buildings in Pasadena
May 31, 2018

Three story holiday home in Australia

Impressive partial opened curved roof design for 3 story holiday home was a unique design in Rocking-ham - Australia. The key challenge was forming roof structurally and Lightweight prefabricated panels couldn't be the solution as per client's request. Thin concrete slab with 2 layers of mesh was a practical and easy solution. To achieve overall stability, side wall extended from Foundation to curved thin slab roof. It was impressive how to achieve all architectural aspect by the special structural solution. The sequence of construction provided to ensure the whole process will be safe and fast. If you plan to have your unique Holiday home, we would be glad to assist you in the design process. All you have to do is to contact us and we will take it up from there.

Steve - B


September 2016