Office building design in London - UK
Two-story office building design In London
May 31, 2018
3 story building - home extension project
Home extension project in London, UK
May 31, 2018

Two story home extension in London

We handled a two story home extension project in London, we reached an agreement with the client to provide a complete set of building regulation package (including the design and calculation plus the structural drawings) for him. We also agreed to provide the electrical and plumbing layouts which are not part of the building regs package. We managed to deliver the set of structural plans and calculation needed in less than a week.

As in our agreement we provided also:

  • At the rear: Triple-story extension from lower ground floor
  • At the side: Garage conversion
  • For Roof: Conversion & dormer
The project was done in two stages as follow:
1-         Calculation report and framing layout including retaining wall for the new basement, steel, and timber beams, joists, rafters, lintels, foundation etc, within the first week.
2-         Complete regulation package including specification, structural section, drainage layout, ventilation, detector comply with building regulation. Within the 2nd week.
If you're planning to have two story home extension project, we would be delighted to assist you in the architectural and structural design. All you have to do is to contact us and we will take it up from there.

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