Winery design – remodeling and addition In Paso Robles

Winery remodeling and addition - before

    Winery Remodeling And Addition In Paso Robles, CA

    The objective of this project is to design an addition for an under remodeling winery building. It is in order to convert an around 1800 sqft. Existing metal structure per the client’s requirements as a western style wooden moonshine building with a similar facade, with additional stand-alone restroom outside the building.
    Our Architect team first had to provide the client with two versions of drawings (Existing/Proposed), therefore, we had to make a model of the existing building in Revit to get the initial confirmation and then proceed with the additions for the stand-alone restroom. In order to provide a full image of the proposed winery design, they delivered a 3D animation expecting client's approval. This was a closely collaborative work with the client himself.
    The challenges that our architect team faced are as follows:
    • Adjusting the new façade * exterior design* with the existing floor plan with no effects on the interior because of the inside of the building was to remain as it was.
    • Applying the wooden parts matching the existing metal warehouse structure, making it look like a traditional wooden style with a high roof while keeping the main steel load bearing structure as it is.
    Since this is an ongoing job, we will work on structural design and the MEP preparing the full construction package to be submitted for permit upon fulfilling the current architectural stage.
    Our deliverables per the agreement signed with the client are as follows:Project Time frame: 2 months, and we’ll meet this schedule.

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    September 2019


    Paso Robles, CA

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