How do you make your tenants happy and improve the value of your rental properties at the same time? Proper cleaning practices are essential for both. As you ensure the properties remain clean, you will minimize decay and reduce pests. You also make the area more appealing to tenants and prospective renters. Here are a few practices you can implement to effectively clean your rental properties and ensure the happiness of your tenants.

Regular Cleaning:

There are two schools of thought on how often to clean any kind of property. The first is that you clean when you see a mess, and the second is that you clean on a schedule to keep things under control.

The first sounds like the more economical practice, but it means that tenants will see a mess accumulate before they see it cleaned up. If you go with the second method, then they may never see a mess at all. It may cost you more to have the properties cleaned regularly, but it helps them to stay tidy and attractive all the time. We recommend regular, scheduled cleaning for your property, as well as special cleaning when there is a need for it. You may need to call in cleaners after a storm or some special event that leaves the place looking a mess. If you focus on making sure the property is always tidy no matter what, you will have happy tenants and increase your property value.

Deep Cleaning

We also advise you to have scheduled deep cleaning done every so often. This can be done two or three times a year, or as often as needed. The frequency required for deep cleaning will be based on how much traffic your property receives as well as environmental factors like humidity and dust levels.  

A deep cleaning basically resets the cleanliness level to its highest mark so that everything is brought up to an admirable standard of excellence. You may not be able to keep the property spotlessly clean all the time, but by deep cleaning periodically, you can achieve that level of cleanliness every so often.A deep cleaning will help to catch problems that you would not find with a regular cleaning, and it will ensure that your property lasts longer. In that way, deep cleaning is a type of property maintenance, as it minimizes the number of issues you have to deal with and reduces your repair costs over time.

Move Out Cleaning

How can you serve your customers who are moving out of one of your properties? You want them to leave the place looking immaculate, so it is in your best interests to have the property professionally cleaned. You can offer them commercial cleaning services in Oklahoma to help them increase their chances of getting the security deposit back. Recommending them a professional cleaning service is going to be helpful, for residents moving out in DC need Imagine to do the tidying that they don’t have time for.

This gives them an opportunity to focus on packing boxes, getting their belongings out of the way, and managing the move. They won’t have to worry if they are getting the place clean enough, and it can take some stress and responsibility off of their shoulders.

Taking good care of your tenants in this way, even as they are moving out, will be helpful to your reputation and will make a great impression on other tenants. It also helps to prepare the property for the next renter, so it benefits you in multiple ways.

Waste Removal

One of the most important aspects of taking care of a rental property is to ensure that waste is disposed of properly. If you don’t place the garbage bins in the right location, if trash isn’t collected regularly, and tenants are not informed of how to dispose of their waste properly, you can create a health hazard. You will have a problem on your hands that is unsightly and that smells horrible, and it can be fixed with some simple, sensible property management practices.

There are likely local ordinances that determine garbage collection and garbage bin location for rental properties that have multiple tenants living there. Some of that is decided for you, but you can be smart about making sure the garbage bins stay covered and that they are easily accessible to garbage collectors.

Ensure that no cars are parked in front of the bins so that they can be emptied on time. Take into account any elderly tenants or those with health problems that may need help in taking out their garbage. To ensure that waste does not pile up and that it is not a hazard will take cooperation between yourself and the tenants.

Proper Ventilation

The ventilation system on your property can be a source of untidiness and can cause health problems and maintenance issues if it is not cared for properly. Like the cleaning practices for the wider property, you don’t want to wait to clean the ventilation system until it is giving problems. You should be proactive in your cleaning and schedule regular maintenance on the vents and ducts so that they always work properly.

This keeps the property looking clean and minimizes dust accumulation. It also keeps the ventilation system in proper working order and reduces the amount for maintenance work that needs to be done on them. It makes the air cleaner for your tenants as well and ensures that their heating and cooling systems are functioning at high capacity.

In Conclusion

There is a principle that if you take care of the various needs of your tenants, they will take care of you with good reviews, on-time payments, and cooperation. And if you do a good job of caring for the property, it will last longer, and you will spend less on repairs and maintenance. These ideas are designed to help you be a better property manager and help you keep your tenants happy all the time.