Clean water is the requirement of every household and business. The health of people is directly related to the quality of the water they consume. Plumbed in water coolers are quickly replacing the bottle-fed and mains fed water coolers. Although all these types of coolers serve the same purpose, they have different pros and cons. Every type of water cooler has a different set of benefits.

Plumbed in water coolers have been in trend for years, as they offer many advantages over bottled and mains fed models. Many businesses have shifted to using plumbed water coolers to save money as they don’t need to pay for bottled water. There are many other benefits of these models that are known to many people. Let us explore all of them in this post.

Need less space

Unlike the bottled models that require a lot of space in your office, the plumbed-in coolers simply get connected to your water line. They don’t need as much space as the mains fed or bottle water coolers. This is especially useful for small offices that are low on space and want a water dispenser for a new office. The plumbed-in models are also safe as you don’t need to handle or shift them as in the case of water bottles. You don’t need to lift or change the water bottles again and again.

Low cost

As the plumbed in water coolers use tap water, businesses don’t need to invest in expensive water bottles. The installation cost is also low and once installed, you don’t need to pay for anything. As water consumption increases in the summer season, the plumbed-in model can handle the requirement easily. You don’t need to buy extra bottles of water in summer as the equipment is directly connected to your water line.

Easy installation

A plumbed-in water cooler is pretty easy to install at any place. It takes less than an hour to install. You should always get the installation done by a professional and never try to install yourself. Moreover, there is no cutting of pipes or soldering involved in the process that makes it easy.

Healthy water

Since the plumbed-in cooler converts regular tap water into healthier water, the cost of water is quite less as compared to the cost of bottled water. They make the tap water cleaner and healthier for drinking, removing all the contaminants. The water is healthier and tastier than every business can offer to their employees.

An adequate supply of water

As the plumbed in water systems are connected to your in-house water tank, you never go out of water. Whether you need hot water for tea, coffee, or chilled water for drinking, the water is always available as long as you have a regular water supply. Your employees can enjoy a seamless availability of hot and cold water anytime.

Good looking designs

The plumbed in models are available in many colors and designs. There are a variety of shapes and designs available to suit different interiors and spaces. Hence, every business can find a model that matches the décor of its office interior. Once you find the best match and install it, the cooler will no longer look different from the rest of your office interior. You can visit the website of the company to find the most suitable model for your business.

Environment friendly

The production of bottles on a mass level burns thousands of liters of fuel every day in factories that contribute to environmental pollution. The plumbed in water coolers don’t require the production of plastic bottles. Water bottles take time to manufacture, and they also need proper disposal if not recycled. These water bottles are recyclable, but they take many years to decompose and contaminate the soil and water.

As the demand for plumbed in models is replacing the demand for bottled coolers, the manufacturers need to reduce the production of plastic bottles. Hence the increasing demand for plumbed in coolers helps reduce the carbon dioxide emissions and the risk of environmental pollution.

No increase in cost

The cost of water bottles increases with the production costs and rise in demand. However, in the case of plumbed-in systems, there is no increase in cost once you install a system. The only cost you may need to pay is the charges for routine service that is a part of its maintenance.

Every water filtration system requires periodic maintenance, and it helps to keep it in good working condition. However, there is no risk of increasing costs, as in the case of bottled water dispensers.

Connectivity with water purifiers

Although you don’t need to connect it to a water purifier, it is possible to do so. If you want to supply already purified water to the plumbed-in cooler, you can connect it to your water purifier. The unit will get the water supply from your purifier instead of your main water supply line. Therefore, the water you and your employees will get will be the most purified and hygienic for consumption.

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Final Words

Pure water is the requirement of every individual and community. Your health depends a lot on the quality of water you drink and use it for making beverages. Whether you are an individual running a household or a company running a business, you can get a plumbed-in water cooler.

You can create a healthy world by offering pure water to your family and employees. Upgrading your water dispensing system is a small step towards creating a healthy community in your office. Now, as you know, the benefits of plumbed in water coolers, you can recommend them to your friends and closed ones.