If you are in the process of listing your home on the market there are lots of things that need to be done before selling your home. Before you shop around for the best realtor take a look at the following list and work your way through it. Doing this will ensure that your home is looking its best when potential buyers come to view it.

Get Rid Of Unwanted Stuff

One of the very first things you need to do in order to get your home in order is decluttered and put away all items that don’t have a ‘home’. You should do this because when potential buyers come around they need to see how big the space available is. They then take this space and envision their own belongings filling the space.

A great way to sort out your items is to place them in piles. One pile should consist of the items you want to keep but need to put away. Another pile should have the belongings you want to throw away, and finally, the last pile should have the items you want to sell.

Check Repairs

Once you have decluttered it is a good idea to check over your home for repairs that need to be carried out. You may already have a to-do list of repairs that you have been meaning to carry out. Now is the time to do this before you open your home to look around. It can be quite common for a home requiring extensive repairs to turn buyers off, causing them to look elsewhere.

If you have built-in appliances then you need to make sure they are in full working order ready for new people moving in. You might have been dealing with a leaky washing machine or fridge. It can be tricky to fix these yourself especially as they are built-in but it is not impossible. If you are wondering how to fix a leaking fridge yourself then take a look at this article.

Thoroughly Clean

Once the declutter and repairs have been sorted it is time to clean up. A deep thoroughly clean of your property is required to get rid of all the dust, dirt, and debris that has built up over the years and days since cleaning stuff out. Dust gets agitated and will land in new places. You need to focus on areas such as the kitchen and bathroom, as well as the floors. Make sure there is no black mold around the edges of the sink and bath.

To clean your floors, it depends on the type of flooring you have. If you have hardwood floors then you should sweep then mop them using a gentle floor cleaner. It is a good idea to then steam them to get rid of any lingering germs or dust. The last thing you want is new buyers moving in and being allergic to anything left on the floors. If you have carpets you should hoover them and give them a once over with a carpet shampooer.

If you are unsure of where to start with deep cleaning, this is a common occurrence. You can use the services of a professional cleaning company. They are used to carrying out thorough house cleans and will leave your home looking brand new and sparkling. This is an important part of your preparations before selling your home.

Curb Appeal

Finally, you need to ensure that the outside of your property matches the great condition of the inside. After all, the exterior is the first thing potential buyers see when they turn up at your property. If you have a driveway make sure this is looking its best and is free from moss and dirt. You can get a power washer to clean away any debris that can be seen. You can also get people in to do this for you as it can be a messy job.

Make sure your lawn is kept neat and tidy as well, free from any weeds. You can plant some nice bright flowers around the border to make it warm and welcoming. A well-kept garden gives a great impression of how you are as a homeowner. If the outside of your property looks worn out and tired this gives off the wrong impression and could actually turn buyers off from wanting to look around your home.

We hope you found this article helpful and it gives you some useful advice on what needs to be done before selling your home. Once everything has been done, get the photographer and realtor in to list your home for a great price.