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Shipping Container Clinic

Shipping containers clinic is a custom design conceived for various purposes. Unfortunately, despite rigorous health and safety regulation in work-spaces, accidents can and do happen in any business or industrial environment, resulting in the injury of a worker or employee and requires immediate first aid care. First aid rooms are a must requirement for such industrial and manufacturing environments. Under Occupational Safety and Health Act, a first aid room must be provided at any industrial workplace, whether permanent or temporary.

A portable converted shipping container clinic is a great solution for such requirement. We have shipping container converted clinic designs in 20ft and 40ft options, but we’re able to provide customized options like small medical clinics or emergency field clinics in affected areas as well.

Shipping container clinic – 20ft

Shipping container clinic – 20ft / Interior layout

Our shipping container clinics features:

* PVC 2mm Anti-Bacterial-Static seamless vinyl flooring
* Interior walls framed with stud, 22mm gypsum, and Rockwool
* Double glazed windows, shall be an Aluminum made and windows will be fireproof
* LG Brand Compact Air Conditioner high efficiency 9000 BTU
* Electrical and plumbing installation, will be complete. All materials to be used will be in the CE. All in the installation, switches, plugs and lighting fixtures is grounded, it will separate the neutral ground.
* Exterior doors, 90×195 cm. in size (clear opening), 0.8 mm steel plate and the total is 50mm thick steel door. In the inner part of the door 50mm rock wool insulation to ensure there is the purpose. Doors will be fireproof. Sliding doors are optional and can be used as well.
* container should be capable of protecting equipment inside from external factors like natural disasters. Materials used in construction should be capable to work between -30 C and 70 C, there should be no weakening in construction strength between given temperature range.
* ABE fire extinguisher
* Container has been painted with a two-part epoxy white which resists rust and reflects the suns heat

Shipping container clinic – 40ft

Shipping container clinic – 40ft- Interior layout

  • Shipping container clinics have also optional supplies:

  •  * An examination couch
  •  * Stainless steel Sink with cabinetry
  •  * Fixed desk, office chair, patient chair and filing cabinet.
  •  * An automated external defibrillator
  •  * Eyewash station
  •  * Oxygen mask with cylinder

The concept of shipping container converted clinics goes beyond being used for construction and industrial sites. S3DA Design has received requests from physicians and dentists who are requesting to have their self-run private clinics, or self-owned clinics to avoid heavy rental or construction expenses and can transport it to wherever they want while benefiting from the utility of a well-stocked, compact and fully equipped clinic.

If you are planning to have your unique converted shipping container or prefabricated container design Clinic, we would be delighted to assist you in the concept. Please contact us for further assistance.