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Shipping Container Conversion

Container production includes both Shipping container conversion and prefabricated containers. Every client may have its own need and we are committed to meeting it. Standard Shipping container conversion and prefabricated container designs and production in all sizes are of our expertise.

Our shipping container Conversion and prefabricated container services include:

  •   * Engineering design/ drawings

  •   * Production

  •   * Delivery

  •   * Installation

Shipping Containers really are durable and versatile units. They are strong, secure and weather- tight, so a shipping container’s applications are really almost endless.

They’ve proven successful as offices/conference rooms, retail spaces, affordable housing, ablution blocks, workshops, exhibitions, guard shacks, medical units, pop-up Café/Bar and restaurants/franchise. Furthermore, requests for homes of shipping containers has scaled up as it delivers a unique industrial and contemporary feature provides a substantially superior strength and durability.

We have experience in helping customers design shipping container working with our in-house engineers and draftsman to assist in the design and a production team to ensure quality workmanship in the final product.

Our container specialists are available to speak with you directly. Our shipping container conversion abilities aren’t limited to the products and options mentioned above. We’re able to design and produce as per your specs.  We have a team of project managers, engineers, fabricators, welders, electricians, and machinist that are experts in creating custom, containerized solutions. Whether it’s a modified ISO container, prefabricated design, or a custom frame and panel design, our team can provide a functional shelter for your specs.

And for those businesses that require a little extra detailing, we can also install additional accessories and customization to your converted shipping container such as air conditioning, insulation, windows, extra doors, etc.

Call us now at: +1 (631) 760-6713

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If you are planning to have your unique converted shipping container or prefabricated container design, we would be delighted to assist you in the concept. Please contact us for further assistance.