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 Shipping Container Home

Your home, your way. Shipping container homes can bring your idea to life whether you’re looking for your Dream house, recreation, resort or retirement property.  The more our planet’s resources are being used up, the prices for materials and conventional homes scale up. But the request for new homes for the growing population is also escalating. More people are looking into eco-friendly and affordable ways to build their own home.

Shipping containers are versatile, inexpensive, plentiful and transportable, but strong, durable and are easily converted to your home. Converted shipping container are boxy structure, with enough room to create single container home. Need another room? Get another shipping container! Multiple shipping containers are easy to attach, can be stacked and modified to create larger customized designs for your home.

Using converted shipping container home/accommodation units has many benefits. To start from, they are cost-efficient, fast built, endures natural disasters and protects you. They are great homes.

Here at S3DA-Design Container Department we can help you design and build a converted shipping container home to the exact specifications you need. Bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms, laundries, media rooms …whatever you desire. And of course they come with all the utilities as well – plumbing and electrical fit-outs, insulation, ventilation, air-conditioning – even solar panels if you like. Our engineers are experts at creating designer container homes to meet your domestic needs and will make your project a lot easier from start to finish.

Converted shipping containers also offer flexible usage in and around your existing house, from sheds to garages, to office space and beyond. Do you need an addition to your backyard? Our converted shipping containers home units offer a safe, secure and durable space, at surprisingly reasonable prices. We also offer a flat pack container option which allows us to access the trickiest and tightest of spaces.

Shipping container home – Dual container

Shipping container  Home – 40ft

Emergency Accommodation units

Converted Shipping containers accommodation units are one our most requested product. It has been requested from different mining and construction companies far from urban areas to accommodate workers and employees, especially for long time stay.

It was also requested from FEMA, and other developers and insurance companies in the Hurricane affected areas in large scale. It’s a great alternate housing solution for the affected people following natural disasters. It can accommodate up to 6 people in bunks very comfortably at considerably less cost. It’s self-contained accommodation unit, complete with kitchenette, living and sleeping area, bathroom, with full electrical and plumbing accessories. It can be completed with solar panel system/LED lighting and potable water tank.

This type of accommodation unit has become very popular in resort and holiday parks across the US. Provides a unique accommodation experience that tourists love. Plus, they can be stacked and create a small hostel. In addition, the exterior cladding can be added in order to change the shape and make it looks like a conventional resort building.

Shipping Container converted home Features:

  •  *  Fully painted new or premium grade containers.
  •  *  Large color range.
  •  *  20 foot or 40-foot sizes.
  •  *  Easy plumbing and electrical connections.
  •  *  Ready-made or custom-designed to suit you.

Container Accessories Available Include:

  •  *  Air conditioning.
  •  *  Wall partitions.
  •  *  Hot water systems.
  •  *  The wide range of doors and windows.
  •  *  Vinyl flooring or floating floorboards

Shipping container home – 40ft- Dual container

If you are planning to have your unique converted shipping container or prefabricated container design Home, we would be delighted to assist you in the concept. Please contact us for further assistance.