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Structural Design

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Ground-Up Commercial Buildings

A ground-up construction project is building a structure completely from scratch, where nothing existed before.

We can assist you in every step: from site survey to structural and MEP design. Our engineers are well-versed in complex structures and offer consultancy for optimized plans and calculations according to design codes and regulations, making sure you get a permit.

Ground-Up Commercial Buildings

Warehouse Design

Warehouse design is a specialty of S3DA Design, as such projects often require both structural as well as Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) designs, particularly for HVAC systems.

Our designs emphasize safety and development according to regulations while cutting down costs through value engineering. As a single source of both structural and MEP design, we also heavily reduce design clashes, saving valuable time and resources.

Data Center Design

Data Center design is another specialty of our company, as it relies heavily on electrical design, HVAC systems, and plumbing. Safety and efficiency are of utmost importance and proper ventilation has a direct effect on the costs. The buildings also need seismic retrofitting and may be enhanced by adding solar energy to reduce power consumption costs.

We are proficient in all the above fields, and being a single source of responsibility means utmost efficiency, time savings, and cost reductions for our clients who will not need to deal with design clashes, extra costs, or coordination between multiple parties.



A mixed-use building combines several functions into one structure. For instance, parts of a building may be devoted to hotel rooms while other parts are used for residential units and commercial services.

S3DA Design has successfully designed mixed-use buildings, including the 73,000-sqft four-story complex Imperial Beach Blue Wave project, which includes hotel rooms, residential units, an underground parking garage, shops, a restaurant, and an office. We were deliberately selected because of our vast experience with different kinds of buildings and our ability to deliver structural and MEP design simultaneously.

Restaurant Design

Restaurants differ from other kinds of buildings because of the importance of their kitchen. A kitchen must be safe, competent, easy to maintain, and functional. Designers must prioritize ventilation systems, logistical necessities, and delivery and storage requirements.

Restaurants need extra expertise from MEP designers, and we are uniquely positioned to develop such plans as we offer both structural and MEP design.

Restaurant Design

Foundation Engineering

The foundation transfers the load of the building to the ground and anchors against wind and earthquake. A strong foundation is crucial for a building to last long, therefore it must be protected from cracks, settling or sloping.

Our structural design engineers offer professional plans to protect your foundation against such damages, and will calculate for wear and tear and imperfect soil conditions.

Structural Calculations

While architecture defines the appearance of a building, structural engineering ensures the building stands up and can withstand heavy winds, earthquakes, or gravity loads. Structural calculations are the math behind this ability and determine the properties of columns, joists, beams, slabs, trusses, and other members that comprise a building.

Our structural calculation follows local building codes, therefore not only ensures you can get a permit but also consider value engineering to cut down actual construction costs.

Structural Calculations

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Multifamily Buildings

Multifamily housing refers to a building that contains more than one dwelling unit, and they are continuously gaining popularity especially because of housing shortage; such buildings enable more homes in dense municipalities.

A multifamily building can be built from the ground up, or a larger building can be remodeled into several homes. We are experienced with both and can assist you throughout the process to ensure all design codes are met, safety regulations are followed, and the designs are optimized to reduce costs.

multifamily building
Accessory Dwelling Units

Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU)

ADUs are tiny homes, mostly built for the purpose of renting to family members at lower-than-market rates. They offer an effective option to increase the value and space of your home, and in the current housing market crisis they are gaining popularity. An ADU building can be attached, detached or repurposing of an existing structure (such as a garage).

As independent living units, the design of an ADU requires both structural as well as MEP design, since the structure includes a kitchen or bathroom and thus needs electricity and water sewage systems. S3DA Design can handle all requirements in house, saving you the need to coordinate between different companies and avoiding design clashes.

Remodel and Addition

Over the years, your housing requirements change. Home remodeling allows you to make better use of your space and adapt to those changing needs.

For instance, the kitchen can be remodeled to make cooking or cleaning easier. Bathrooms may be remodeled to incorporate the latest designs. The bedroom can be changed to accommodate new furniture or lighting.  Mezzanines can be added to make better use of the space. Each remodeling project is a custom challenge, and our engineers are experts at remodeling who can guide you to make the most efficient use of your space.

Remodel and addition
building safe environments

Home Office

Working from home is a new trend. Many have seen the benefits it offers while others are drawn to it by necessity. Either way, having a dedicated place for work greatly improves concentration and work productivity.

However, designing a home office needs lighting design, planning for a soundproof environment, rethink the color scheme of the room as well as paying attention to the storage location for your paperwork and stationery. Our engineers are experts in home office design and can help you through all stages until you receive the final permit.

New Custom Home

Building a new custom home enables you to design everything according to your preferences. However, besides the appearance and comfort, you also need to pay attention to loads, codes and regulations, and safety measures. The house will need electricity, water and sewage systems, HVAC, and air conditioning among other things.

S3DA has years of experience in these sectors, being proficient in codes and regulations and experts in structural and MEP design. For that reason, we can support you in every step of the design phase to ensure you get a permit, without losing any time or budget to design clashes.

New Custom Home

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Belal Siddiqui

Owner of Mobius Designs 

S3DA Design team are a good hard working group of professionals. They provide great communication, drawings and feedback during all aspects of the design and permitting process. I have worked with them on multiple commercial and residential projects and they always deliver in a timely manner and are priced very well. I recommend using them on any project. Their drawings are methodical and easy to understand, which makes the job easier for everyone!

Belal Siddiqui

Joe Serrano

CEO/Exec. Director at TentMakers Inc./ReCycled Housing

S3DA Design is a very critical engineering partner for us and our clients because of their attention to detail and professional relationship building skills. They have a very sincere concern for the quality of their work and satisfaction of their clients. Our company provides residential design services requiring the services of a professional structural engineering firm. We have worked with other engineering firms in the past, but S3DA Design has out performed all competitors on several fronts including pricing. But more importantly, it is S3DA’s relationship building and communication skills that have impressed me the most. They sincerely care about the quality of their work and the satisfaction of their clients. I highly recommend them and their work.

Joe Serrano

Steve Poehlein

Chief Designer at sp design+build

I truly enjoy working with the S3DA Design team. We have completed several projects and they are professional, communicative, and expedient. They deliver good solutions quickly for a competitive price.  Their work usually passes plan check on the first submittal. I highly recommend the S3DA Design team.

Steve Poehlein