You may be looking for ways to structurally design an empty piece of land. At first glance, finding direction may not be easy. Sometimes you may not know how to put the vision in your head into design form. Using a plot of land means starting from scratch in every facet and you may need some guidance in navigating the design aspect.

Structural design is a skill that involves the understanding of the nature of structures subjected to loads. Designing these structures with economy and elegance ensures they’re safe, serviceable, and imperishable.

Whether you build a commercial building such as office or store or you may want to build an industrial building such as factory, you need to have a good structural design to make sure that what you’re building is safe and secure.

Some of the following ideas on the structural design of a vacant land may help you assess how you want to explore your vacant plot of land in terms of structural design.

1. Columns

Columns are vertical structural elements. Through compression and tension at times, the load is transferred parallel to the longitudinal axis. Online real estate services, including CNY Realtor and many others, sell buildings with good columns. Commercial or industrial buildings have also been explored as an element of structural design. There are many things you may consider when thinking about column designs.

There are two important aspects to consider when designing a column which are:

  • Orientation

Where you place your columns could be the defining artistic element of the appearance of your structure. Columns are longitudinal and defined so they’re present within the structural design. It may be better to position then at or near the corners of a building and at the intersection of beams or walls.

This positioning may allow further column decoration and stylistic freedom. For example, you may be able to include patterns and not condense extensive design into one area, if your columns are spaced out. Good positioning also allows for a good distribution of weight, which may be good for your foundation. A good foundation may indicate elements of safety.

  • Position

Orientation of a column may help you ensure that the depth of the column is perpendicular to the major axis of bending or contained in the major plane of bending. Orientation assessment may assist with symmetry. Symmetry and even placement of gaps may help provide space when any lateral forces come across the structure.

2. Roof Trusses

Roofing may also be an important part of your structural design. A truss is a structure that supports a load using a triangular design of straight pieces. These straight pieces don’t bend when placed under compression or tension.

Roof trusses provide a considerable advantage compared to a conventional roof. Roof trusses are composed of individual pieces that are lightweight which is easier to transport and assemble. Building on a vacant plot may require high costs but small considerations, like transport may make a difference.

Construction worker truss installation

However, roof trusses are labor-intensive and they may need connection devices as well. It may be better to use identical ones for better convenience in obtaining connection devices.

Roof trusses may be better utilized when they’re lower at the eaves and higher at the ridge to facilitate roof drainage and water tightness.

3. Frames Structure

A frame structure is inclusive of a column, beam, and slab. Frames help resist the gravity and lateral loads associated with structural design. For your vacant plot of land, you may want to explore, either a rigid frame structure or a braced frame structure. Both have the key elements of structural design, including permeability and safety.

Here are the two examples of frame structure:

  • Rigid Frame Structure

A rigid frame structure consists of the more linear parts of structural design, such as beams or columns. Rigid means the ability to withstand distortion or warping. A rigid frame is capable of resisting vertical and lateral loads by the bending of columns and beams. For an empty piece of land, the stiffness of the rigid frame may be structurally beneficial and long-lasting.

  • Braced Frame Structure

If you’re building a structure from scratch; a braced frame structure may be more effective than a rigid one. Braced frames have columns and beams. They’re “pin” connected with bracing which helps them resist lateral loads.

Since this type of frame is easier to navigate and construct, it may be more convenient for first-timers. Through horizontal and vertical bracing, it can resist lateral forces. For commercial structures, you may consider a portal frame. You may also consider a gabled frame if your plot of land is in a place with heavy rain or wind.

4. Beams

Beams are horizontal structures that carry loads and they function as mediums of support. Their longitudinal direction was perpendicular so they can carry and support loads. The distribution of weight is accordingly and this ensures durability in structural design.

The role of the beam is to support the building such as the weight of floors, ceilings, and roofs. The use of  vertical load-bearing element of the structure is transferring the loads. You may prefer to have  transfer beams which are the bigger and heavier types of beams for your structure.

This may help support your structure for longer periods and is referred to as transfer beams. Commercial and industrial construction may find transfer beams to be more ideal for heavy-duty support.


Design Your Land

Structural design on a vacant piece of land may seem like a difficult aspect to maneuver around. Understanding the structural design and foundation will help you build a safe and secure building or house. Having a good orientation and position of the column will help you build a good foundation. Good knowledge of structural design will also help you choose the best frame structure. Also, make sure to have good roof trusses and beams that are durable. These may be some ideas you can explore when establishing or building upon your foundation. You just have to choose the best one for what you’re planning you’re planning to build.