Structural Design

S3DA excels in creating robust and visually captivating structures. Our team of experienced engineers and architects blends precision and innovation to transform architectural concepts into safe, enduring realities. We take pride in delivering designs that not only meet structural requirements but also elevate the aesthetic appeal of your projects.

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Full-Service Ground-Up Buildings

A ground-up construction project is building a structure completely from scratch, where nothing existed before.
We can assist you in every step: from site survey to structural and MEP design. Our engineers are well-versed in complex structures and offer consultancy for optimized plans and calculations according to design codes and regulations, making sure you get a permit.

Seismic Retrofit Engineering

Seismic retrofitting is the process of modifying existing structures to make them more resistant to seismic activity, ground motion, or soil failure due to earthquakes. It involves strengthening the building’s foundation to make it more resistant to earthquake shaking and damage.

Seismic retrofitting includes bracing, bolting, and reinforcing the foundation, walls, roof, and chimney to resist earthquake shaking. Our engineers will help to upgrade your building so that it complies with building codes, thus keeping families, employees, and customers safe when a natural disaster occurs.

Our designs emphasize safety and development according to regulations while cutting down costs through value engineering. As a single source of both structural and MEP design, we also heavily reduce design clashes, saving valuable time and resources.

Foundation Engineering

The foundation transfers the load of the building to the ground and anchors it against wind and earthquake. A strong foundation is crucial for a building to last long. Therefore, it must be protected from cracks, settling, or sloping.

Our structural design engineers offer professional plans to protect your foundation against such damages and will calculate for wear and tear and imperfect soil conditions.

Load-bearing wall Removal

If you are planning to remove a load-bearing wall, our structural engineer can ensure that your building structure can remain structurally sound.

Warehouse Design

Warehouse design is a specialty of S3DA Design, as such projects often require both structural as well as Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) designs, particularly for HVAC systems.

Our designs emphasize safety and development according to regulations while cutting down costs through value engineering. As a single source of both structural and MEP design, we also heavily reduce design clashes, saving valuable time and resources.

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High Wind Engineering

Wind engineering is a subset of structural engineering, meteorology, and applied physics that analyzes the effects of wind in the natural and built environment and studies the possible damage, inconvenience, or benefits that may result from the wind.
Our engineers consider various factors such as the velocity of wind, building geometry, type of building material, characteristics of soil, and the aerodynamics of flow around the buildings to design a better cyclone-resistant building

Structural Calculations

While architecture defines the appearance of a building, structural engineering ensures the building stands up and can withstand heavy winds, earthquakes, or gravity loads. Structural calculations are the math behind this ability and determine the properties of columns, joists, beams, slabs, trusses, and other members that comprise a building.
Our structural calculation follows local building codes, therefore not only ensures you can get a permit but also consider value engineering to cut down actual construction costs.


A mixed-use building combines several functions into one structure. For instance, parts of a building may be devoted to hotel rooms while other parts are used for residential units and commercial services.

Express car wash and oil change facility

An express carwash and oil change facility provides quick and efficient car washing and oil changing services.

Restaurant Design


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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the complexity of the house, but in most cases, you will need roughly 5 to 8 sets. Those who will need design prints include:

  • The owner
  • The Contractor
  • The Sub-contractors
  • The Building Department
  • The Mortgage Lender
  • The Building Inspector

Yes, you can. If you or your builder have a talent for design, a clear idea of what you want, and if you can create plans that meet your local building authorities, you can go ahead with designing your house.

Well, it depends on several factors such as the complexity of the project, the square area of the land, add-on services like extra revisions, project management services or any type of construction help. We recommend you get in touch with our experts for a better understanding.

Different architects offer numerous services when it comes to initial meetings with potential clients. Many architectural design firms agree to a quick, one-off introduction free of charge to discuss the project, your budget and their ability to deliver.

Our architectural design firm offers

  • Conceptual Design
  • Exterior Design
  • Landscape Design
  • Design Development
  • Detailed Design and Drawings Production
  • Technical Specifications