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Structural Engineering Services

We walk our clients through every step of the consulting, design and structural engineering process in an accessible manner.

At Sd3a Design, we believe that the process of design, construction or renovation of a structure is as important as the result birthed. For this reason, we walk closely with our clients; gleaning adequate information about your needs, while proffering pragmatic structural engineering services. We work closely with relevant local authorities, registered charities, private commercial and domestic clients, and we have a reputation for meeting high expectations.

For years now, we have successfully executed conceptual, preliminary, and detailed structural design projects in various areas of Structural Engineering and analysis across California, US. We have professional veterans in the field of commercial and residential structural engineering with a wealth of pertinent industrial experience. We utilize state-of-the-art architectural tools in deploying structural designs. Our hands-on approach ensures that we effectively communicate with our clients; taking time to understand their needs, likewise, tabling our ideas. This method helps us provide innovative solutions to the daily structural challenges encountered.

Services Provided

We have a team of indefatigable structural engineers and consultants who are skilled in carrying out structural project analysis and the execution of structural designs, the design of sub-structures and super-structure for steel, concrete and timber frame building that meet the local building standards in every location while working diligently with the relevant authorities in ensuring the jurisdiction.

Our Structural Engineering Services Include:

Steel frame structure, light-gage structure
Reinforced concrete frame structure
Full structural package for permission
Remodeling and change of use
Timber structure
Masonry structure

Steel portal frame building
Aluminum structure
Footing design, pile, and slab
Moving structure
Curtain wall and façade structure
Glazing structure

Cold frame structure
Long span structure, heavy timber structure
Earth working, slope stability, retaining wall
BIM and 3D model of the entire structure
Detailed drawings