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Tag: Structural engineering

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    Do you know your options when it comes to construction methods?

    Choosing the right construction methods to build a home can be challenging due to the variety of options. Stick-built homes that are created entirely from wood, traditional earthen-block construction and light gauge steel-framing are just a few options that you can choose from. Every new home owner has different...

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    Structural design of wood-framed single-family homes

    In the United States, the conventional construction technique for residential buildings (single-family homes) is that of light-wood framing. Additionally, dimensional wood lumber has economical and environmental properties such as: It is readily available It can be packaged neatly because of its unit dimension. It can be easily transported to...

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    Distribution of shear walls for lateral load resistance

    Seismic load (Earthquake) and Wind loads have a history of causing severe structural and non-structural damages. Therefore, from design stage, it is important to fortify structure, so as to minimize these damages. A structure must possess adequate strength to resist vertical loads, along with stiffness to resist the effect...

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    How to Speed Up the Building Process by Working with a MEP Engineering Team

    Nowadays, new construction projects can be completed in a timely manner and their completion timeline is dependent on key factors such as project location and size, as well as other factors that have been in existence even before now. But the complexity of MEP engineering has increased over the...

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