There is a need for massive growth in charging infrastructure in the modern era. This is all thanks to the increasing rate at which people buy electric vehicles. In this type of setup, it’s best to have professionals on it and this is where you need MEP  engineers.

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Still, it is important you know the role of an MEP engineer for an EV charging station design. But first, who are MEP engineers?

Who Are MEP Engineers?

MEP engineering is the planning, managing, and designing of MEP systems for a construction project. This means the Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) systems of the project. The experts that carry out this task are MEP engineers. 

In every construction project, the MEP system plays a vital role. It serves as the central nervous system of that project. Whether a block of flats or a skyscraper, it makes the building pleasant and livable. This is why you need MEP consultants from the best MEP engineering firm.

The Role of MEP Engineers in the Design of EV Charging Stations

The US has a lot of charging stations with many charging points. But even with the amount already gotten, it still isn’t enough. The country still needs some more charging stations. Enough to match the number of electric cars that will be produced in the coming years. 

EV charging stations

That means, the installation of a lot more EV charging stations. MEP engineers will spearhead these projects.

There are some steps involved when it comes to designing an EV charging station. These steps need the MEP engineers to carry out some specific tasks to ensure the job is successful.

  • Due Diligence:

Due diligence is one of the responsibilities of the MEP engineers. It includes ensuring it complies with restrictions. Conditions, application zoning, and building codes are important as well. The engineer is also responsible for obtaining the necessary approval and permits. 

This procedure can be complex depending on the facilities. This is why you need to hire experts from the best MEP engineering California firm. Contact S3DA design firm for more.

  • Development:

At this level, the engineer works based on requirements. He or she determines what charging equipment will work best for the station. The equipment could be level 2 or level 3 which have different requirements. Especially if it is for either commercial applications or residential applications. 

Experienced MEP consultants and engineers put that into consideration during the development stage.

  • Charging Incentives and Grants:

It is the job of the MEP engineer to know the charging incentives and grants available in the location. This helps to reduce some costs of the installation. you can get such information from the state, local, and federal governments. Utility companies and some other organizations can have such information as well. 

Hiring experts from the best MEP engineering firm gives you easier access to such detail. 

  • Site Feasibility:

Every construction site is unique in its own way. The MEP engineer must identify what the site needs to ensure a charge station setup. For instance, some sites need electrical upgrades while others need more than that. 

Some sites are easier to work with than others. It is the role of the engineer to ensure the site can hold a charging station.

  • Customizable Services:

EV charging stations can offer customized services thanks to their many components. It is the duty of the engineer to put these factors into the design. 

For instance, there might be management software using debit cards to handle payments. 

They could use Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) to authenticate customers. The chargers may also be on platforms to make them more visible to the public.

  • Electrical Design:

This is one very vital step when it concerns an EV charging station installation. Taking into consideration if the site can have many charging points is essential. If it needs AC or DC or both. The power requirements which is dependent on the power supplied to the car, the charging cable, etc. 

The aim is to design a station that can contend with peak load.

Final Thoughts:

When it comes to designing an EV charging station, an expert MEP engineer is always crucial. They have vital roles to play and you can’t have a great charging station without them. 

To help you get the best out of your EV charging station design, you need to hire the best. You can only get that from the best MEP engineering firm. 

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