You love the swimming pool in your backyard. The moments shared with family while enjoying a good old family barbeque as you splash away are beyond compare. This is why you should talk to WaterTex Pools to keep your pool healthy and clean always.

WaterTex pools serve the DFW Metroplex Region and are just a phone call away. You can trust them with all your pool repairs, filter cleaning, pool automation, and pool maintenance. Don’t let that summer swim pass you because your pool is green. 

Here are 10 important pool maintenance tips you should know as a homeowner.

1. Regular Swimming Pool Inspections Will Save You Money

    You need to know that pool issues that are left unaddressed can escalate very quickly leading to structural damage, expensive replacements, and hefty water bills. Don’t want for problems to worsen. Schedule a pool inspection appointment before the summer so that your pool will be in pristine condition even after the winter. 

    What should you expect during the pool inspection? Well, the technician will check if the heaters are functioning correctly and heating the pool at the right temperatures. They will also check the lining for cracks and wear and tear that can lead to leaks. They will also look at the pumps, electrical systems, ladders, and lights to ensure that they are working properly.

    The fence should also be inspected for security and compliance.   

    2. Test The Water

    You need to test your pool water so that you can keep tabs on its chemical balance. The optimal PH levels are between 7.2 and 7.8 while the chlorine concentration should read 1PPM (one part per million). You can buy a testing kit and test the water yourself but it’s recommended to consult a professional at least once a month. 

    Take a sample of your pool water for inspection at the nearest local pool service in your locality. They should be able to accurately test it for you for free and give you a detailed report on what you need to do. 

    3. Get A Pool Cover

      Invest in a good pool cover for your pool. A pool cover will protect your children and pets from accidentally falling into the pool. It will also keep unwanted debris out of the pool which means less vacuuming for you. 

      4. Clean And Scrub the Pool Regularly

        Clean your pool regularly. If you have trees close by, you should rake out the leaves and twigs before they get to the bottom of the pool and begin to rot. Scrub and vacuum the pool to keep it smooth and free from algae. If you are pressed for time, you can always call a professional pool cleaning service. 

        5. Monitor Water Levels

          Water evaporation from your swimming pool is inevitable. If your pool loses a substantial amount of water, the pumping system can get damaged. Use a garden hose to fill it up if you notice that the water has gone below the center line. 

          6. Clean Your Filter Basket

            The filter basket is your pool’s last defense against debris. Thoroughly inspect it and clean it often. It will add life to your filter. 

            7. Run The Pump and Filter

              Schedule for the filter and pump to run uninterrupted for eight hours. You can do this at night if your pump is not too noisy and your neighbors want to sleep. 

              8. Shock The Pool

                Shock treatment is very important, especially after a thunderstorm, a party where you had more swimmers than usual, swimmers who were unwell, and extreme temperatures. Shock the pool by adding a significant amount of chlorine. It will kill all the algae. 

                9. Use A Tennis Ball to Absorb Oil

                  If you wear sunscreen and lotion before diving in the water, you can toss in a tennis ball after your swim to absorb the oil and sheen that floats on the water’s surface. 

                  10. Add An Algaecide

                    You can also buy an algaecide to deal with chlorine-resistant algae that have turned your pool green.