Paid and organic social media marketing are no longer options that businesses can overlook. Given the digital environment of today’s culture, everyone who wants to thrive must first establish profiles on all of the major social media sites. Being unable to be located on any platforms might cause the trust to be eroded. Because of this, it is your responsibility to include social media in your inbound marketing approach.

The B2B marketer, on the other hand, will have vastly different objectives for measuring their social media strategy than the standard B2C social media marketer. While some B2C businesses can quickly sell their products using social media, the majority of B2B marketers will be unable to move a prospect down the sales funnel to the point of making a purchase decision solely through social media. Instead, most B2B marketers use these platforms to distribute, promote, and repurpose material that has already been created—this aids in nurturing existing leads through the funnel and acquiring new leads.

As a result, here are some recommendations for developing your B2B social media strategy across some of the most popular platforms:


Instagram is typically used less as a lead generation tool and more as a supplementary platform by B2B marketing professionals. You will need a device to post content from – iPhone rental might be worth looking into rather than buying one outright simply for this task.

Instead of hunting for new customers on Instagram, promote your company’s ethos. Creating some “behind the scenes” type content can go a long way toward personifying your business as a whole, as well as building relationships and connections with potential customers who are performing their due diligence on your company and products.

Showing off your company’s culture not only helps you recruit but also demonstrates to your clients or prospects who you indeed are and why they should choose to work with your company.

When something unexpected happens that is typically not included in your scheduled updates, the narrative feature is a terrific way to communicate with your audience. This type of content may not be appropriate for a typical blog post, but it is ideal for including in your brand’s Instagram story to provide a “behind the scenes” glimpse into your workplace and culture.


The increased emphasis placed by Facebook on paid advertising has undoubtedly influenced the organic reach of the brand’s posts and users’ trust in posts as a whole. However, due to the increased competition, the costs of your paid advertisement rise, lowering your return on investment and making it more challenging to demonstrate the value of your marketing efforts. To overcome limited organic reach without incurring additional costs, you need to think outside the box.

Facebook’s Live function, for example, is another application of video. Facebook Live allows you to broadcast video material straight to your followers’ news feeds, where they may interact with you immediately during the broadcast. If you already have a Facebook strategy, you can include Live into it by holding live events: organize a Q&A session with a team member and answer audience queries on a complex issue, or utilize it to increase your reach while attending a conference or enjoyable event.


Organic reach may be reduced on Twitter at times purely due to the vast amount of regularly posted content on the site. More posting, on the other hand, is accompanied by increased interaction. The ability to get your content shared and promoted on Twitter is far more straightforward, but it is also much easier to be lost in the shuffle.

Whenever someone discovers your organization and engages with your content, make a point of returning the interaction as quickly as possible. This visitor found you in a flood of other content; do not let them forget about you and move on to your competitor’s website.

Due to the enormous volume of posts made consistently, your valuable tweets are continually being pushed to the bottom of your Twitter stream. In addition to ensuring that new visitors see an essential tweet at the top of your feed, you can also extend the life of an essential or successful tweet by pinning it to the top of your feed.

You should also use animated gifs or videos to break up the stream of static content on your website. Your followers are wading through hundreds of tweets at the same time! Make yours stand out by including a related gif or a short film to grab people’s attention.