If you want to surf the web safely, then the most logical thing to do is to download a security software. However, there are a few things you’d want to consider before downloading one. It may be the features, what’s the price point, how many devices can the software support, and more. Now, there is a lot of cybersecurity software out there, promising you with a lot of jam-packed features.  Well, if we’re going to talk about one of the most reliable out there, Trend Micro Maximum Security makes the cut.

Trend Micro is a Japan-based company that delivers cybersecurity solutions to homes and businesses. They have millions of users around the world. They provide holistic and multi-layered protection for all your devices, making sure that you get the maximum protection possible. In this article, we will talk about what makes this cybersecurity software special.

Maximum security for all your needs 

The Trend Micro Maximum Security has one of the most advanced features as of the moment. This software will not only monitor your device but also your web browsers and social media as well. Just click scan and it will notify you if a threat is detected. The software can warn you about spams, phishing, and scams from your email. It effectively shields your device from malware, ransomware, adware, trojans, viruses, and more.

You can lock in all the important files on your computer so it doesn’t get leaked anywhere. You may also put them in a vault and assign a password to access them. You can also secure your private information like full name, credit card number, debit card, birthday, and more. This software can detect if someone with an unauthorized device is trying to input your data on websites. No need to worry about identity theft online. If you’re going to do a transaction online, no need to be anxious when typing your credentials. The Pay Guard feature has you covered in this aspect.

If you’re in a public place and you need to connect to a Wi-Fi or hotspot, Trend Micro Maximum Security will also scan all the open networks near you and will tell you which ones are secured from those who are not.

Parental Control

There is a dedicated tab for this feature found in the user interface. You can limit the screen time of your kids by setting a schedule. You can also filter out websites that are not appropriate for children. You may also lock specific applications so your children will not have access to them.

Easy Navigation

Its user interface is easy to use. Who said that you have to be a tech wiz for you to operate a cybersecurity software? All you have to do is to click the “Scan” button in the middle, then the software will do the job for you. You will also see four tabs on top of the interface. There’s a Device tab, Privacy tab, Data tab, and Family tab.

Cloud Protection for all users 

All users of the software have 25 GB worth of backup storage for their files, photos, videos, and more. Cloud Protection is similar to DropBox and Google Drive. The only difference is your files are more secured and private.

Device evaluation

Aside from security features, Trend Micro Maximum Security will also do a PC health check-up to monitor your device’s performance. The security scan feature of the software is extended to all the applications installed on your computer. It helps you identify whether the apps you’ve installed are legitimate or not. It also notifies you if the app has security issues. It also gives you an assessment of the apps that you rarely use and will advise you to uninstall it. Having fewer apps and files in your device makes you less vulnerable to malware.

If you’re using the software on your phone, it will help you optimize your device to boost performance. It has garnered positive reviews, especially from Android users.

Operating system 

Trend Micro Maximum Security is compatible with Windows 10 (32Bit | 64Bit); Windows 8.1 (32Bit | 64Bit); Windows 7 SP1 (32Bit | 64Bit). For Mac, macOS X 10.15 or Higher (Catalina); macOS X 10.14 or Higher (Mojave); macOS X 10.13 or Higher (High Sierra). 4.1 or higher for Android, while 9.0 or higher for iOS.


If you’re looking for a cybersecurity software that is easy to use, has a lot of useful features, can secure and sync all your devices, and has a reasonable price point, then Trend Micro Maximum Security is for you. Trend Micro has developed one of the most reliable and functional software out in the market. Investing on a well-known brand will save you a lot of time, energy, and money later on.