Are you thinking of giving your master bathroom a new look? We wholeheartedly support this thought! Bathroom remodeling is a good investment, especially if you reside in a place like Tulsa, where home values have increased by 15.6%, and the demand for homes surpasses the availability as of June 2023! Therefore, it would be best to consider remodeling your current home rather than thinking about moving to a new place in the near future. Here, we will discuss twice the hygiene for some master bathroom tips for couples.

Moreover, bathroom renovations not only improve your home’s functionality and aesthetics but can also significantly increase its overall worth, which is especially important if you intend to sell it later. According to Zillow, even minor improvements to your bathrooms can give you an ROI of $1.71 for every dollar spent!

Hence, without further ado, we’ll discuss five essential master bathroom remodeling tips for couples to make sure your space radiates class and usefulness while encouraging better hygiene practices.

1. Improving the Showering Experience

A relaxing and effective shower can greatly improve your bathing experience. Invest in a high-quality shower system that allows for separate temperature settings to prevent arguments over hot or cold water. Temperature regulation is a crucial component of a master bathroom that is suitable for couples. Dual-zone thermostatic shower systems are made to accommodate various preferences, guaranteeing that neither partner will have to give in or accommodate the preferences of the other since each person can regulate the water temperature to their preferred level. Furthermore, Tulsa has a cold and windy, albeit short, winter with humid summers.

Therefore, for a better bathing experience, look for sturdy, mold-resistant materials when replacing the showerhead.

The secret to creating a contemporary bathroom look is to keep the design coherent. But functionality is equally crucial. Hence, hire the best shower replacement in Tulsa to ensure your bathrooms are appealing and practical.

2. Double Vanities

Double vanities help create a smooth and effective morning routine by offering convenience and personal space. Couples can get ready for the day at the same time. The inconvenience of having to wait for the other person to finish making their hairdo or washing their face can be greatly reduced by doing this. Each partner may go about their morning routine at their own time without being interrupted. This is especially useful if one individual needs more time to get ready. The harmony of the morning encourages a good start to the day.

Additionally, each couple can have their own place to store personal goods, toiletries, and grooming supplies. Because the countertop won’t need to be shared or cluttered, locating and using the things will be simpler. The space on a clean tabletop is perfect for adding decorations and personal touches. Each person can exhibit personal items such as photos, candles, or miniature plants without invading the other’s space.

3. Plenty of Storage to Cut Down on Clutter

An organized, well-maintained bathroom is essential for maintaining hygiene and fostering a peaceful atmosphere. Having enough storage is especially important if you share a bathroom. You can efficiently minimize clutter and improve the functionality of the space by including cabinets, shelves, or drawers in your bathroom design.

Each spouse can customize the space and keep their stuff conveniently accessible with enough storage. As clutter is reduced, cleanliness is encouraged. It is simpler to clean and maintain the bathroom when materials are arranged and stored appropriately. Clear counters and uncluttered surfaces help reduce dust buildup, making it easier to sanitize and wipe off the space frequently.

Additionally, adding a walk-in closet to your master bathroom design can increase convenience and storage space.  It makes it simpler to get ready and access clothing without leaving the bathroom area by creating a seamless connection from the bathroom to the closet.

4. Include a few natural elements

You can breathe new life into your bathroom’s design by including elements of nature, creating a revitalizing and peaceful atmosphere that encourages rest and relaxation. Incorporating natural elements into your modern bathroom can do wonders to improve its aesthetic appeal and turn it into a tranquil haven.

Utilizing indoor plants is one of the best methods to bring nature into your bathroom. Since bathrooms are usually humid, consider adding Snake plants that can filter toxins from the air. To create a magnificent vertical garden, lay these plants carefully on shelves, hang them from the ceiling, or decorate the walls with charming containers.

In addition to plants, choosing natural materials like wood, stone, or bamboo can improve your bathroom’s contemporary appearance. Furthermore, consider incorporating organic patterns and designs inspired by nature into your bathroom decor. To complement the sleek lines of contemporary fixtures, soft, flowing lines, leafy motifs, or gentle curves can offer a sense of organic beauty. Adding stone tiles or pebble floors, meanwhile, can create a spa-like atmosphere and encourage a sense of serenity.

5. A Breath of Fresh Air with Proper Bathroom Ventilation

Even though it is frequently disregarded, proper bath ventilation is a crucial component of bathroom design for maintaining hygiene and avoiding problems associated with excess moisture. For the master bathroom to have a healthy and pleasant atmosphere, improve the air quality and avoid damage, adequate ventilation is crucial.

The humidity in the room quickly increases when couples use the bathroom to shower or even run hot water. Without sufficient ventilation, this extra moisture can produce an environment perfect for the growth of germs, mold, and mildew. The fixtures, cabinets, walls, and even the paint in the bathroom can all be harmed by too much moisture. This may cause surface flaking, staining, or degradation over time. A window or exhaust fan installed in the bathroom helps evacuate moisture and unpleasant odors, lowering the risk of moisture-related problems and maintaining the integrity of bathroom surfaces and fixtures.


Couples master bathrooms require careful consideration of individual needs and tastes while putting hygiene and comfort as a top priority. You can create a space that promotes cleanliness, relaxation, and convenience by considering these five crucial suggestions for your bathroom remodeling project. A well-designed and functional bathroom may aid in starting your day on the right foot with a smile instead of arguing over who took more time. This includes everything from shower replacement to temperature control and storage solutions. So start making your bathroom a space that offers twice as much hygiene and twice as much delight for you and your companion.