If you are looking for a home or investment property, you have likely come across various structures and designs that are uniquely designed. If you understand the multiple options available in the market and the correct terminology, you will select one that best meets your needs.

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It is a massive, impressive, segregated property owned mainly by the rich and famous. Most measure between 5000 and 800 square feet, depending on the location. They are often surrounded by

tall fences or walls that hide them from view. In addition, they are characterized by luxurious facilities such as crystal chandeliers and large open foyers.

Detached (Single-Family)

It is segregated from other housing units. They are primarily found in the suburbs and offer a great sense of privacy and freedom. Most detached houses tend to have a modern style and can be any size.

The major downside is that they attract high ownership and maintenance costs. However, you can find affordable houses at trusted agents such as the best real estate agent in your vicinity.

Detached houses are a good choice for people with children.


A condominium or condo, in short, is similar to an apartment, but it’s privately owned. If you own one, the responsibility of the interior and exterior facilities is on you. However, an elected body owns the building and land it sits on and is responsible for maintaining the communal areas such as lifts.

On the other hand, like other residential properties, living in a condo has several advantages. For example, a condominium may be the best option if you want to stay in the heart of the metro. Most condominiums are at the center of everything necessary, such as schools, banks, hospitals, shopping malls, and even public transportation.  

Also, a condo may be a good value for money if you’re looking for a significant investment. You can earn extra income by renting it out to someone else in exchange for a rental fee. Hence, if you’re looking to live or invest in a luxury condo complex, working with a reliable real estate firm like Chatburn Living can be a good idea. It can help you find the perfect one that suits your needs best.


It is a single-unit structure that consists of many similar units. The landlord or building manager oversees the divisions and, in most cases, takes care of the maintenance. However, it offers limited privacy and flexibility. Furthermore, you do not build equity on the property.

Some apartments have additional facilities like swimming pools, game rooms, and gyms, making them more expensive than those that only offer bare essentials. The size can range from a studio to four or more bedrooms.

However, despite being expensive, living in an apartment has numerous benefits. For instance, it provides you with fewer responsibilities. With apartment living, you won’t have to spend time weeding the plants or mowing the lawn. When you have a clogged sink or burst pipe, you need to call maintenance to address the problem.  

Also, living in an apartment allows you to move less stressfully. This is especially true if your job requires moving from one place to another, or you just don’t like staying in one place. Lastly, apartment living provides you with the utmost safety and security. Most apartment complexes have surveillance cameras and other security features that make it difficult for burglars to break into your place.


A townhome is an individually owned home that shares a wall or two with another unit(s) on either side but has its entrance from the road or street. As the name suggests, you are likely to find them in towns and cities. However, they offer less freedom to make amendments to the exterior.

Most of them are constructed for inner-city living. Due to the location of townhomes, they are not likely to have land around them but can have small gardens.

Tiny Home

A tiny home measures 60 to 400 square feet. They are popular among people who yearn for financial and physical freedom since some are mobile. Many tiny houses are built on immobile wheels. They offer solutions to some housing crises and house-related costs.

Housing Cooperative

Buying into a coop involves purchasing shares of the company that owns the house and not the actual property. The more shares you own in the coop, the bigger the offered space. Even though it’s cheaper than a traditional home, you must get approval from the group before occupying the property.


There are many other types of houses, but all you need to do is find one that is convenient and suits your needs. Home is where the heart is, they say, so be sure to buy or build a house your heart will be happy to live in.


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