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We specialized in providing a full set of Construction Documents including Civil, Architectural, Structural, MEP and Landscape layouts. We also provide 3D renders, walk-through animation and VR.

Our goal is to enhance the residential and commercial viability of buildings – adding value through expert design and maximizing the impact of investment.

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Residential design services

Residential Design Services

We provide innovative and flexible approaches to design, analysis and production of documents supporting the development of projects ranging from single-family homes to Multi-family buildings. Our staff versatility and depth of experience allow us to form creative concepts that can enhance project cost effectiveness. More than one approach to an engineering solution is always considered. Our standards demand intense and detailed consideration of critical project requirements. Our goal is to meet or exceed your expectations. Communication, cost-consciousness and loyalty to our clients are essential hallmarks of our services.

Commercial design services

Commercial Design Services

Our vast commercial building experience spans restaurant, winery building, mixed use, office space, industry building, and more.
We’ve successfully completed many commercial buildings requiring architectural, structural, and MEP designs for concrete tilt up structures, steel buildings, and wood structures.
Providing both Architectural and Structural in house allows us to efficiently prepare plans for site works, grading, retaining walls, and the building structures. This maximizes our efficiency saving the client money and delivering the best service possible.

Our Projects

We create a pleasant and cheerful ambiance.

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  • Multifamily housing architecture- 10-unit multifamily building architecture design Redwood City, CA
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About US


Found in 2016, S3DA Design is a fast growing Structural & Architectural company based in San Diego, California who provides services to clients all over the country.
S3DA Design’s unique pricing strategy gives you the advantage of paying less for a high quality service.

We take care of everything so you can do what you love to do. We will keep you up to date and guide you through the process, from architectural planning, engineering, to all the paperwork and construction.

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Happy Clients

  • Matt Baranowski
    I really needed someone to put together and guide the process as far as getting the architect, the engineering, all the pieces together, find the contractor to do the buildings, someone who had the experience dealing with DSA, all the submitting, all the paperwork, getting the process and the procedure going was really as big as the building itself. I most certainly would work with S3DA-Design again. My experience was great with them, I thought it was a total team approach, I thought all the individuals were great in getting the information out, the request for information to be able to build the building, the budget, the whole process just was very well orchestrated by S3DA-Design. I honestly don't know how you could have done it any better, I appreciate all of your time, help, and willingness to drop everything and come to the site, talk to me and make sure that my concerns were met, and deal with, and I thought it was a pleasure dealing with everyone in your team.
    Matt Baranowski
    Facility Manager at San Diego French-American School
  • Irina Tolmacheva
    Great team of professionals to work with! They are very knowledgeable and highly qualified in their field. The use of latest technology sets them apart from others. Highly recommend to deal with this company!
    Irina Tolmacheva
  • Maria Rutenburg - Testimonial
    Mos is an exceptional architect of S3DA Design. I have been developing for the last 9 years, have had a few architects over the years, Mos has a rare combination of competence and common sense, plus he is very sharp, quick and a pleasure to deal with. Builder's dream come true.
    Maria Rutenburg
  • nVisionTEK, LLC BIM Services
    S3DA was available when I needed them, and they ensured all work was performed until my satisfaction. An issue arose, and they worked hard to resolve it.
    Dustin Hetrick
    nVisionTEK, LLC BIM Services
  • Youssef Kubis
    I have worked with S3DA Design on several projects, mainly with Mos Nemoy (designing patios and decks). Mos was very professional and detailed oriented dealing with every single project, and it was always delivered on time.
    Youssef Kubis

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