All year long, building owners have to deal with power bills, but their energy consumption typically varies depending on what season we’re currently in. And there’s no doubt about it—summer is the worst season.


Unfortunately, every year the summer heat gets even more unbearable, so everyone has to put their ACs on max 24/7. The worst part? Electricity prices keep increasing over time. At this point, saving on power bills during the hottest months of the year seems impossible.


However, with the help of a professional energy audit and the installation of solar panels, building owners might just find a way to turn the tide.

Why Solar Power?

Solar energy is a cost-effective, dependable, and sustainable energy source. Offices and other professional buildings are well-suited for solar energy since they need a lot of electricity to run their lights, electronics, heating, and cooling systems.


Plus, aside from reducing operational costs for your business, solar power will also help with your carbon accounting and keep your building carbon neutral as it is a greener alternative to traditional electricity.

How Can Solar Panels Help Buildings Save on Power Bills?

Solar panels might seem like an expensive solution at first, but they are a long-term investment that will save you money over time. Think of them as strategic decisions that will have numerous benefits for your business.


Here’s what you can expect when you install solar panels on your building:

1.     Save Money on Utility Bills and Avoid Rate Increases

Saving on bills, especially during the summer months, is, unsurprisingly, the main motivator behind most commercial solar customers. By installing PV panels, you can use free electricity produced by solar energy to reduce your utility costs.


Of course, the amount of money you will save will depend on just how much solar energy you choose to get. If you install enough solar panels to power your entire building, you might even make money by selling power back to your electric company.


Also, keep in mind that energy prices are rising everywhere. So the solar investment you make today helps to protect you against the inevitable utility rate spikes of tomorrow.

2.  Not Worry About Costly Maintenance Fees

Commercial solar panels are virtually noiseless and maintenance-free. Most solar cells are encased in tempered, protective glass and framed by non-corrosive aluminum. Solar panels can endure about any weather-related threat you can think of because they are designed to be exposed to the elements. They can withstand rain, hail, wind, and snow.


In general, the solar panels’ photovoltaic cells rarely malfunction. Even if they do, most solar panels come with a 25-year warranty. So, once you install them on your commercial building, you will be able to produce your own clean electricity for at least 25 years or more from a system that is just as effective and possibly more reliable than conventional power sources.

3.  Enjoy Energy Independence

Grid failures can happen in every electricity market, even the most developed ones. This is because utility companies all over the world must distribute electricity via aging infrastructure, often while balancing a mix of traditional and renewable energy sources.


Blackouts will probably happen more frequently in the future due to rising demand, overburdened networks, and increasingly unpredictable weather.


Using stored solar energy will alleviate your worries about this as it provides a more reliable backup power to maintain business operations. That’s 100% uptime guaranteed!

4. Increase Your Building’s Property Value

Solar-powered properties are getting more and more valuable, and this trend will only continue from here on out. That’s why installing solar panels can potentially increase the resale value of your commercial property. Plus, it can even reduce the amount of time your property stays on the market.


The reason is simple. Property and real estate investors are more likely to pay a premium for developments with solar-enabled assets that benefit the tenants and occupants. On Day 1, those potential buyers begin taking advantage of cheaper utility expenses, carbon offsets, and goodwill. And those advantages persist until the PV system exceeds its lifetime.

5. Qualify For Tax Breaks

Did you know that aside from saving power bills during summer and increasing your property value, having solar panels will also qualify your business for tax breaks?


If you put solar panels on your office building, you may be eligible for a tax credit equal to up to 30% of the cost of the panels. Even though the percentage will decline year on year, you can be eligible for tax benefits years after installing your solar panels.

Are You Ready To Enjoy The Benefits of Solar Panels This Summer and Beyond?

From the benefits we’ve listed above, you may have already noticed that solar panels will not only benefit your building by saving money on power bills in the summer season—it’s a year-round thing!


By investing in and making the switch to renewable energy sources today, your property is on its way to saving your business tons of money and even lessening your carbon footprint.


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