What Does a Typical Roof Inspection Involve?

Curved Roof
As we all know, the roof is the most important component of the home and due to its rather inaccessible location, it is very difficult to carry out a detailed visual inspection and that can mean minor issues are not noticed. Over time, a single missing roof tile could result in huge internal damage and this is one of the reasons to arrange to have a local roofing contractor inspect your roof.Here is a detailed breakdown of a typical roof inspection from a roofing contractor.
  • Roof tile inspection – Roof tiles, whether slate or otherwise, are not fixed down tightly, rather they are loosely nailed and strong winds can dislodge them, so you do need to check the entire roof for missing or broken tiles. Rainwater can severely damage the internal structure of a roof, which is why most Australian homeowners have their roof inspected every year. If you are in need of roof tiles in Sydney, an established roofing company can match any type of roof tile.
  • Fascia & soffit boards – These timber lengths protect the roofline and the underside of the eaves and they should be checked for solid fixings and the condition of the timber; many homeowners prefer to replace the timber with PVC, which requires no maintenance.
  • Guttering & downpipes – The guttering provides an essential escape route for excess rainwater and if you have trees overhanging your property, wet leaves and small branches can easily cause a blockage and that’s why a thorough guttering clean is always included in a roof inspection. The roofer has a special suction machine that removes all residue in the guttering, leaving the inner surface smooth to facilitate fast flow. Here are a few tips on preparing for a home improvement project.
  • Flashing – The flashing is there to protect where surfaces meet and is typically made from lead, copper or stainless-steel; if you would like to boost your home’s street appeal, consider new flashing with a contrasting colour. Damaged or worn flashing should be replaced as a matter of course and if your roof has not been inspected for a few years, now is the time to call up a reputable roofer in Sydney and arrange an inspection. The roofer would issue you with a detailed account of the status of your roof and you can sleep at night, knowing that your home is protected by a strong roof.
  • Structural integrity – The inspection would include walking around in the attic with a flashlight, to take a close look at the timber rafters and joists. If there is a small leak, the evidence can be found by looking at the plywood inner layer and the rafters. If timber is not treated, it can fall victim to woodworm or dry rot and this needs to be looked at every year to be sure that the timber is not compromised.
The Australian government offers a lot of resources for home maintenance, which is free and available to all and checking your roof on an annual basis is an essential part of property maintenance.