Innovation has always helped to improve our lives, as evident from the central air conditioning system to flat-screen televisions and from smartphones to GPS systems. The latest in line is the retractable screens for homes that offer better ways to screen doors and windows that ensure safe and comfortable living. Retractable screens are the best solutions to provide a pest-free and insect-free home so that the residents are safe from bites and stings that can often pose health hazards. Many pests transmit diseases like the West Nile virus, Zika, and others.

The beauty of retractable screens is that you can put it out of view when not needed. The retractable screens roll up into an encasing or housing and remain out of sight when not in use. It is possible to retrofit a retractable screen system to a door or window so much seamlessly that anyone can hardly notice it.  The housing that sits around the door or window blends seamlessly with the frame. On opening the door or window, the screen unfolds and covers the opening to protect the interior from crawling and flying insects yet allowing the flow of fresh air that provides natural ventilation. When you want to close the door or window, the screen retracts into the housing.

All retractable screens are not the same

Just as doors and windows differ in style, design, and material of construction, so also the retractable screens that are continually evolving and offering more attractive solutions. The retractable screens of today are far superior to those that were available some years ago. In addition to fitting the screens on doors and windows, you can use it in any specialized area that has the arrangement for installing the screen.

The screen features to look for

The most critical consideration in screen selection is the compact design with attractive looks backed by an operating system that works smoothly. The rolling movement of the screen must not only be smooth but retract at a controlled pace so that there are no jerks that can damage the screen. The worst thing that can happen is that the screen slams back. In addition to preventing the entry of flying insects, the screen must have an arrangement for preventing crawling insects too.  Ideally, the screen must have insect pile at the top and bottom rail that keeps away bugs completely, and the handles must be good looking and easy to operate the screen.

You can install retractable screens for both swing-in and swing-out doors, and these are the perfect solutions for French doors. Since you can remove the screen, you can enjoy the view of the outside without the interference of the screen, which makes living even more enjoyable. The screen fabric lasts longer because you can roll it up when not in use and protect it from the harmful UV rays and other harsh elements of weather. As a result, retractable screens last longer than traditional flat screens.

Screens that used to be a luxury not many years ago are now a necessity for making homes safe by eliminating health hazards.