Plumbing problems are quite manageable in most cases, but it is also true that emergencies might arise. Homeowners keep praying to avoid the nightmare of plumbing emergencies. , but it is better to stay prepared to call All Masters Plumbers who can be your savior when faced with the most unwanted situation. It is not unusual for the most dreaded plumbing problem to catch you unaware when you expect it the least like when you are sleeping in the dead of night or having a housewarming party.

Since all plumbing problems are not alike, you must be able to identify a plumbing emergency so that you can respond to it in the right manner to nip the bud. Being able to differentiate between a plumbing emergency and any problem that you can defer if vital.

What are plumbing emergencies will become clear on going through this article that highlights 5 common types.

Clogged drains and toilets

Wherever you have drain points, be prepared to clean clogs, be it in toilets, tubs, sinks, or showers. Slow drains are danger signs that can blow up into a full-fledged drain block that prevents water flow and hinder your daily activities. Clogged drains are not the only nuisance but also potential threat as it poses a health hazard if it relates to sewer lines that can cause stagnation and backflow. Picking up the signs early will help to fix the problem before it can go out of hands. If you hear peculiar sounds from the drain when flushing or if flushing stops, it is a clear sign of clogged drains. The same happens if there is water accumulation in the bathroom during a shower.

Leaking pipes

Pipes might leak as it gets old, and the signs of leaking might not always be quite visible until the problem sets in deep. Delaying to address the problem can soon turn into a nightmare by flooding the basement or other places of the house. Household equipment like water heaters, washing machines, and plumbing accessories like faucets can be affected by leaking pipes. Neglecting leaking pipes can create a moist indoor environment that encourages mold and mildew growth and pose health hazards. Fungus growth and bacteria are dangerous for health, and fixing leaking pipes at the soonest must be your top goal to ensure healthy living besides preventing water wastage.

Frozen pipes

While leaking pipes are bad in some way, frozen pipes pose a bigger danger because when water freezes inside the pipe, it expands and bursts the pipe. It can result in flooding the home and the premises. Proper insulation of pipes in regions that experience cold climate can prevent the freezing of pipes.

Broken pipes

Aging is a cause for failing pipes that can break or leak, which can also happen due to tree roots reaching the underground pipes or if damaged during excavation work or due to natural calamities like earthquakes. If you observe signs of water seepage at any part of the home or experience low water pressure, it is a sure sign of leaks due to pipe damage.

Act fast to fix any plumbing emergency by calling a plumber.