Given a choice between brands and celebrities, people will choose the latter to follow more on Instagram. There are multiple reasons for that. The fame and popularity of the silver screen personalities and stars give them a higher edge over the successful brands and companies in social media. And, marketers can learn a few things from celebrities and enhance their social media marketing strategy.

Similar to many brands, even celebrities have their stake on social media platforms. Today, you can find your best singers, models, actors, TV show hosts, and others on Instagram and follow them.

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Getting back to the reasons why people prefer to follow celebrities on Instagram more, here are a few essential ones.

1. They understand and respond to internet humor

It takes guts and intelligence to be humorous on the internet. Brands are gradually realizing this the hard way. You could take the example of the Monterey Bay Aquarium that misfired after defining the otter Abby as the “thick girl.” The celebrities can understand the audience’s pulse and tone better. And they time their comedy and humor accordingly and deliver it.

For this reason, you might want to follow Ryan Reynolds, who is the leading star of Deadpool. During a Peloton exercise bike ad that went viral, Ryan Reynolds has shared a video response that was an interesting spin on the original. This video has earned him ample praise, and people loved his sense of humor. From the Queer Eye television series, people like Jonathan Van Ness claimed that the post was the quickest funny post.

The online audience likes humor because they are looking for delightful content. People are willing to get engaged in such posts through likes and comments. The post by Ryan Reynolds had garnered over 4.3 million views. And it has approximately 8,932 comments, which is still increasing in number.

2. They have excellent captions

Every content on social media gets consumed by the online audience. The celebrity captions work like punchlines to their profile. It adds the necessary context and drama, which gives the audience online entertainment in the form of humor or a thought-provoking realization. For instance, you can follow Blake Lively of Gossip Girl for some of the best captions.

Even Tom Hanks has mastered the art of excellent Instagram captions. He does a lot of his dad-joke added with the lost and found series. Photos without a caption have no context! And if you want to follow celebrities based on their captions, you can also follow Reese Witherspoon. People love to check her New Year resolution posts that have smart hashtags and even an amicable call to action.

Brands can take inspiration from this and get better at the art of writing good captions.

3. Celebrities make the best videos

The online audience loves to take a peek into celebrity profiles because they make fresh and trending videos. Usually, these videos feature their journeys, fitness regime, morning breakfast routine, and the like. Currently, celebrities are also making short videos to connect with their fans before opting for a shoot or dressing up for any social event. It allows the online audience to get to know them personally.

Celebrities make use of fun Instagram Story features like Boomerang and make funny videos of specific moments and make funny faces, which is excellent online entertainment for online users. The views for such videos are always more. That aside, the live sessions to speak with their fans also garner more followers and likes. No one wants to miss a chance to talk to their best celebrities.

4. You get to see what’s happening behind the scenes

The online audience and fans are curious to check all that’s happening behind the curtain. It could be the funny backstage drama behind the Academy Awards or unfiltered life of stars in their daily lives. Actresses take their fans behind the scenes to their make up studio during Cannes Film Festival and the red-carpet shoots. It allows the fans to see and know things that wouldn’t see otherwise. Here the celebrity is the storyteller. And through his or her posts, they take the online audience on a journey.

Today, brands can learn all these aspects from celebrities. The online audience is impressed with storytelling and wants to know more interesting facts about a concept, personality, or brand. Since stars are more animated and lifelike, they tend to follow celebs more than brands.