Owning a furry pet is a tough job, mainly because of the hair they leave everywhere. It means hoovering the floor becomes a daily job.

And let’s face it, who likes hoovering.

Luckily robot hoovers can take away the job no one likes and opens up some free time.

Roomba For Pet Hair Buying Guide  

It can be hard to judge which Roombas are best for pet hair due to the number of products available.

Which is why buying guides come in handy. They help identify all the essential features and what makes that feature so useful.

Let’s take a look at these features:

Suction Power

This is one of the most essential features for Roombas that take care of pet hair. Pet hair can work it’s way deep into a carpet. Roombas with high suction power will find it easier to remove the hair.


As mentioned earlier, pet hair goes everywhere, and unless the couch gets lifted to clean underneath, the pet hair will remain. The small size of Roombas makes it super easy for them to glide under furniture.


Being able to schedule cleaning brings plenty of benefits to the user. Once the hoover is set up with schedules, there’s no need to think about cleaning again. The Roomba will blindly follow the schedule until the end of time.


Not all robot vacuums use WiFi connectivity to control the device. This means controlling the Roomba remotely is impossible. If managing the robot from anywhere in the world is important, make sure it comes with WiFi technology.


Having a Roomba that follows schedules is one thing, but having it self-charge is everything. If the Roomba starts running low on juice, it will make its way back to the charging station. This is an excellent feature for large houses; it will save time looking for the lost Roomba.

Smart Mapping

Again this is an excellent feature for anyone that wants to clean multiple floors. Roombas with smart mapping can intelligently plot each room in the house. What makes this better is being able to schedule particular rooms to be cleaned on specific days.

Battery Life

Because Roombas use a lot of energy, it means some don’t last long before they need charging. If the house is large, it can cause problems; the Roomba won’t be able to make it around without charging.


This is a relatively new feature, but it’s a great one for people with allergies. Emptying the hoover releases any allergens that were locked inside. But a self-emptying hoover keeps all allergens locked in tight.

Easy To Use App

Some apps are confusing to use, which lowers the user experience. Finding an app with a simple layout tends to be more user friendly.

Some Roomba Commonly Asked Questions

People usually have a lot of questions to ask about robot hoovers, so it’s time to clear them up. Check out some of these most commonly asked questions:

Are Robot Vacuums Worth It?     

There’s a couple of reasons why Roombas are a device worth having, but it really depends on the person.

It can be challenging for people with a busy schedule to find time to sneak in some cleaning.

Roomba To Take Care Of Pet Hair

Robot vacuums make it easy. It’s a simple case of pressing a few buttons and letting the robot take care of all the hard work.

Robot hoovers are great, but they never complete the job with the same precision as humans.

This means a robot hoover won’t completely replace the chore, but it does reduce the amount of time hoovering.

One of the best things about robot hoovers is their low riding height. Lifting up the couch becomes a thing of the past.

Roombas can easily glide under sofas, tables, or chairs without causing destruction.

So are they worth it?

Ultimately, it depends on the person. They tend to be pretty expensive, which puts people off. But they also save a lot of time which could be better spent.

Do Roombas Need Emptying Often?

It depends on a few factors.

To start with, it depends on the make and model. They all have different size dustbins, which can affect how many times it will need emptying.

Another factor to consider is the size of the area that you want to clean. Due to the small size of Roomba, their dirt capacity isn’t that big.

If the room is huge or generates a lot of pet hair, the hoover might need emptying halfway through.

Roombas are more of a cleaning assistant than an overall replacement.

The Best Roomba For Pet Hair

When it comes to the best Roomba for pet hair, there is one that far outperforms the rest. Here’s a quick introduction to the product and how it works:

iRobot Roomba S9+

This is the best when it comes to locking in allergens tight and improving the quality of the air indoors. It claims to trap 99% of all mold and pollen allergies.

It also has 40x the suction power of the original model, which is quite extraordinary. This means it makes light work of picking up pet hair.

But perhaps the best thing about this model is the self-emptying capabilities. This means the hoover can clean for a longer period of time without needing you to empty it.

Finally, this model can intelligently map each room of the house. The Roomba can be set to clean specific rooms at different times of the day.


Robot vacuums are a great way to give your cleaning chores a helping hand.

This has become more important than ever in this day and age. People’s schedules are busier than ever, so anything that opens up free time is appreciated.

Robot vacuums come with loads of features to improve their cleaning ability, but these are the top 5:

With these features in hand, it’s easy to get the most of the vacuum.