When people think of propane, they often think of its ability to heat a home. While propane is a cheap and efficient home heating option, it also does many other things as well. Various industries rely on propane, as its low cost and high effectiveness can really do wonders for production. For these industries, propane is much more than a heating option, as it is crucial to the survival of their business. In these industries, propane may be used to operate vehicles that aid in the production process or the entire production process could rely on the use of propane itself. So what industries rely the most on propane? Here are three industries that benefit the most from propane.


One of the biggest industries that stands to benefit from commercial propane delivery is the manufacturing industry. Much of the propane used in the country is used to manufacture plastic, showing just how valuable propane can be to industrial use. Propane can also be used for heating, forklift fuel, and backup generators. Not to mention the fact that it can be critical in the production of materials like aerosol propellants. There are many ways a manufacturer can apply propane use to their business, and in most aspects, the use of propane can actually be a huge help. Switching to propane can lower overhead costs greatly, and can reduce the carbon footprint of a manufacturer. There are many benefits to using propane as a manufacturer, which is why propane usage is so prevalent in the industry.


A huge user of propane is the agricultural industry, as many farms rely on propane for various things. The cheapness of propane makes it the perfect option to heat massive farms that have several buildings. Not only does propane heat the home, but it also can be used to help operate various farm equipment. Propane can be used for irrigation engines, grain dryers, and propane vehicles. Not only can propane help farmers cut operation costs due to its cheap costs, but it can also help them cut emissions and be more environmentally friendly. Propane can play a huge role in the agricultural industry, and can really be a huge help to farmers.


An industry that many people don’t think of as a traditional propane user is the restaurant and food industry. Many restaurants rely on propane gas to cook their food, allowing them to be in business. Restaurants need to make all sorts of different foods for customers, so they need to use lots of propane to cook and warm up food. However, cooking may not be the only thing that restaurants use propane for. It’s very common for restaurants to also use propane to heat various seating areas, ensuring that customers don’t have to deal with the cold. Another type of business in the food industry are caterers. Caterers use propane often, taking advantage of its portability and cheap costs.  Next time you’re enjoying a meal from your restaurant or caterer, you might want to think about how propane helped make it all possible.