Nature has always been the best solution to all problems. Being bound by nature gives a feeling of cure. People often try to improve their relationship with nature by adding new plants indoors or outdoors or by decorating their home with nature-flexible greenery surroundings. In such cases, people want to bring nature back into their homes and lives by adding green plants which help in their emotional and mental fitness. In this article, we’re going to comprehend 4 different ways to bring nature into your kitchen.

Horizontal Kitchen Garden

A horizontal Kitchen Garden is one of the paths to remodel your kitchen with less space, which in turn gives an elegant and attractive glimpse of your kitchen. In this type, you’re modernizing the kitchen with nature. This mini garden can be processed in splashes of your kitchen or near the window area. Just try to enhance some different textures with a wide range of coloring contrasts that give an eye-catchy moment to your visitors. Implementing this garden with the minimum area is the advantage of this method. It’s often preferred to use light-colored following plants in it.

Vertical Kitchen Garden

If you don’t have space outdoors, a vertical Kitchen Garden can be the best way to get essence into your residence. This way of modernizing has been popular for a while. With this method, you can grow fresh small herbs right inside it. You can implement this model in two ways: one – you can decide to establish a big fence with large-scaled green plants in it, or two – you can go for a subtle establishment with potted plants placed in a creative placement. The advantage is this method of modeling can be applied to any type of house.

Wooden Plank (Vertical Kitchen Garden)

If you’re a small kitchen and you have got an empty wall, then it’s time to add some greenery to it! Planting herbs in pots is a very typical design, still an incredible way to boost the inner nature. Attach a wood plank to your empty wall. Tips are that if the wood plank looks old, it will give a natural feeling while you’re cooking. You can write and label the name of the herbs to know about the plants better which you’re growing in your mini garden. It helps you learn about plants and in terms of cooking, it’s very practical.

Hanging Kitchen Garden

Now you can enhance the kitchen space by utilizing less or no space to add greenery. Adding some potted plants gives a conventional intact look to it. It gives you the pleasant feel of living in a green Village in a cottage which makes you feel earthly. With potted hanging plants, you can place some plants on the counters of your houses to give a matching look.

Window-near Kitchen Gardens

The concept of adding greenery doesn’t mean that you should place all your plants inside the kitchen, instead, you can also use windows to bring a natural feel to your kitchen. Plant herbal trees in vertically arranged pots. Keep some of the potted plants newer than their counterparts in the kitchen. With minimum space, bring beauty to your kitchen home. Again, it gives a neutral look and is elegantly classic.

Green Remodeling of Your Kitchen

Firstly, bringing an optimist’s mental health and good ventilation is very important. Adding greenery to means less toxicity i.e., plants absorb the unwanted elements present around us, and it encourages exercises such as watering and composting. It has been proved by researchers that greenery improves health and productivity. Secondly, make sure to bring eco-friendly stuff into your kitchen like energy-friendly lights, and recyclable products. Big kinds of Stuff such as refrigerators, and microwaves consume more storage space. However, big things aren’t always better.


Nothing can bring life to things like plants. Make your kitchen alive by adding greenery to it. Establishing herbs in pots gives you double blessings – you can have them as your food and also green plants calms your mood. Even if you don’t have enough space, utilizing the above 4 ideas can bring an aesthetic look to your kitchen. Go Green With Kitchen Garden!


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Inna Atwood is an interior designer and a writer. She is young and ambitious, with a degree in architecture. Her mission is to inspire others to live their dreams and create their perfect sweet home. She also puts a big effort into working with her clients and tries to help them in the best way she can.

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