The year 2020 has seen its share of changes. These changes have influenced our lifestyle, and how we relate with the people around us. While the rest of the world passes through different phases this period, the one thing that remains constant is our homes, especially our bedroom.

The world may seem like a scary place right now but the bedroom remains a haven. It usually the most likely to reflect our styles and personalities, and it’s always a good idea to switch things up.

If you’re looking to transform your safe space and need some inspiration, you’re in luck. We’ll explore some of the top bedroom design trends of the year so you can get started on changing up the look of your room.

1. Earthy colors are taking center-stage

This year, we’re all about embracing the rustic tones that celebrate the beauty of mother earth. Say goodbye to cool tones and hello to different shades of browns, greens, reds, and bronze.

These natural hues are taking over the bedroom and can feature everything from the paint on the walls to your curtains and pillows. Get yourself some organic bedding in a lovely shade of brown and give your bedroom a warm, inviting look.

2. Wood furnishings stay in style

The wood and white color scheme have been on the scene for a few years now and though we’ve tried to make a transition to more ‘modern’ styles, this trend is here to stay. The wood trend is perfect for a simple and natural look in the bedroom.

It offers a range of style choices and blends seamlessly with different colors. Wooden dressers, closet doors, bedside tables, and chairs, as well as other accessories and accents, can be combined to give your sleeping space a calm, relaxing feel.

3. High-tech bedrooms are all the rage

Our lives revolve around technology. From our handy smartphones to our laptops and workstations, to even the microwave and refrigerator, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one aspect of your life that isn’t linked directly or indirectly to a gadget.

This year, we’re bringing technology into the bedroom. With voice-activated lightbulbs, TVs, and alarm clocks, your life just got easier. This trend focuses on practicality so transform your space into the bedroom of your dreams with your preferred gadgets.

4. Greenery is a recurring theme

The trend of adding greenery to bedroom designs has lasted long enough but this year our focus is on real plants. While faux plants may be good enough for some, they lack the character of real, organically grown plants.

Not only do plants help to enhance the look of any space, but studies also show that constant exposure to indoor plants can help reduce stress and promote sleep.

Want to enjoy the health benefits of live greenery? Take a leaf from this biophilic trend and beautify your bedroom with a few choice plants.

Final word

If you’re thinking about switching things up on your bedroom, simply changing out your bedding isn’t good enough. These bedroom decor trends of 2020 should give you the push you need to transform your bedroom.

About Author: Alan is a well know author on home improvement topics as well as other interesting topics.