Unlike some areas in your home, a bathroom is a much-needed personal space. You can relax and unwind there after a long day, enjoying some alone time. That said, only a well-designed bathroom that’s customized to satisfy your needs may maximumly serve this purpose. If this isn’t the case in your house, you could renovate the space to make it more suitable for you. You can incorporate a design that pleases you to make it look stylish, add more storage, or enhance its functionality and comfortability.
That said, there are some mistakes you should avoid to ensure that your bathroom remodeling project is a success. These are:

1. Having An Overbearing Or Underwhelming Design

One of the problems some people face with bathroom remodels is having an overbearing or underwhelming design. A lack of proper planning often causes this. It would be best to have a style in mind before starting your renovation project.
To choose a good design, you can consider the current theme in your house. Whether you have an elegant, classic, traditional, modern, or bohemian style, this is where you can draw inspiration from. It’ll be easier to choose colors, fixtures, lighting, textiles, and other elements for your new bathroom.
You could also get a good vision from the internet. Find pictures of some of the best-designed bathrooms and pick a tip or two. Besides that, you could also work with styling experts like Shepel Homes or others. They could help you create a new bathroom that matches or complements your home’s theme, reflects your personality, and offers maximum comfort and functionality. However, before choosing any company or independent professional to work with, ensure they’re reputable, reliable, well-experienced, and affordable.

2. Forgetting To Include Storage Space

Insufficient storage space could make your new bathroom look less functional and cramped. Therefore, besides having a beautiful design, you shouldn’t forget to include drawers, shelves, and other storage facilities in your bathroom.
To identify how much space you need, consider your needs and your loved ones’. You need as much storage as you can have in the bathroom. Some of the essential things to include are a vanity drawer, a medicine cabinet, facilities for your toiletries, linen, and other necessities.
You might not have much space in your bathroom. In this case, you could create a rack or buy baskets or hampers for towels. You can also consider wall shelves for makeup products. Furthermore, you could do without a mirror on the wall and consider buying or building a cabinet with one. However, you should install it in an easily accessible place.

3. Improperly Ventilating The Bathroom

Another mistake to avoid is improperly ventilating your bathroom. It often leads to a damp environment that encourages mold and mildew to grow. These two types of fungus are harmful in your house. They could trigger asthma and allergy symptoms or cause respiratory illnesses and immune system issues.
Improperly ventilating your bathroom could also make you have dark grout lines on your tiles, which isn’t pleasing. Furthermore, it might cause moisture and humidity to degrade your cabinets and other fixtures or make stained and painted finishes peel after a short time. When remodeling your bathroom, ensure it’s well-ventilated. This way, you’ll protect the health of your loved ones and yours and maintain a clean and appealing room. Additionally, you’ll preserve your shelves, cabinets, and other investments in the space.
There are various ways to ventilate your bathroom. For instance, you can have a window on an outside wall. You could also consider commercial ductwork, underfloor heating, or a dehumidifier.
Alternatively, install an exhaust fan through the ceiling or exterior wall or window. Some ventilation systems might be a bit complex for you to fix. Ensure you work with a professional if you encounter a challenge. They could provide other solutions that may be even more sufficient.

4. Overexposing The Bathroom And Sensitive Facilities

A bathroom is a private area in your house, which is a factor to consider while renovating it. Avoid having this facility near your kitchen, dining, or living space. Ensure it’s somewhere private away from main house areas.
You also have to consider where you place the toilet, shower, or tub inside the bathroom. It may be best to avoid having these in an area directly facing the door. It hinders privacy when you open the room.
Instead, ensure your shower, bathtub, and toilet are to the side, where they aren’t visible if the bathroom is open. You could also consider having these facilities behind the door. You can also build the toilet in a separate space for more privacy. However, ensure that the toiletries, hand towels, and other necessities are there.

5. Underestimating Or Going Over The Budget

A common mistake many make is underestimating or going over their budget for the bathroom remodeling. These two issues may be a result of a lack of proper planning. Before starting your renovation project, it’s best to prepare a checklist with all the things you might need.
Request quotes from contractors around your area to estimate how much your items might cost. Also, reach out to an interior designer or an architectural consultant for more advice. After finding this information, ensure you stay within your budget when you start your project.
When shopping for tiles, lighting fixtures, and other things for your bathroom, you might find new or upgraded items in stores. It could tempt you to buy them even though their prices may be higher than you want. In this case, only buy those that your budget can accommodate. Alternatively, stick to the features on your checklist to avoid overspending, which could cause you to pause your renovation project due to insufficient funds.


Renovating your bathroom may be something you’ve been looking forward to doing. Therefore, it may be an exciting task for you to start. In this article, you’ve learned that there are mistakes you should keep off to ensure the project is a success.
As advised, it’s best to avoid an overbearing or underwhelming design, forgetting to include storage spaces, or improperly ventilating your bathroom. Also, avoid overexposing the area and other sensitive facilities like the toilet, tub, and shower and don’t underestimate or go over your budget. Keep all these tips in mind, and your bathroom remodeling project will go just as planned.

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