Modest outdoor home renovations come with a bill close to $10,000. Homeowners who go the extra mile to improve their yards can spend up to $50,000 or more.

That is a lot of money to invest in a project. You don’t want any mistakes to happen that will cost more to repair.

Whether you plan to update the landscape or build a pool, there are ways to stay in your budget.

What’s the key to keeping your project on track? You have to take into account all the possibilities. Always assume something will go wrong.

Here are 5 problems you must avoid to prevent a renovation disaster. If you take care of these issues, it should be smooth sailing for your project.

1. There Isn’t Money in the Budget for Emergencies

No matter how well you plan your outdoor home renovations, surprises happen.

Maybe the materials you looked at last month cost more now. Or there’s an accident while installing the new lights and you have to hire an electrician.

For each part of the project, add an extra 20% to your budget. This way you can address these problems without stressing over money.

2. Tackling Large Projects on Your Own

Sometimes a project is too complicated to do on your own. No amount of watching tutorials online will give you the skills you need.

Contractors have loads of experience. They know what to expect during a project. Most importantly, contractors know how to fix major problems before they drain your budget.

3. Starting Outdoor Home Renovations Without the Right Equipment

Let’s face it, you can’t dig a swimming pool with one shovel. It would take forever to complete the project.

Make sure you add equipment rental costs into your outdoor renovation budget. The right tools will cut back on any costly mistakes or delays.

4. Rushing Renovation Projects

One of the most important steps for outdoor home renovations is the planning stage.

This is when you select materials for the project and start budgeting. Take the time to measure dimensions for the project. You don’t want to pour a concrete slab for a hot tub, only to realize the slab is afoot too small.

It’s also the time for you, the designer, and contractor to all get on the same page. If your renovation team doesn’t know what you have planned, it could cause costly mistakes.

5. Failure to File Proper Building Permits

All counties have different rules for what projects need a building permit. During your planning stage, reach out to the county and ask if your project needs one.

Do not try to sneak in a big renovation project. If the county finds out, they will find you. On top of the fine, they may force you to tear it down.

Start Your Outdoor Home Renovations off on the Right Foot

You deserve a home that looks amazing and gives you joy. That is why it is so important to have a plan for your outdoor home renovations.

Budget problems or other renovation nightmares shouldn’t stop you from improving your home. Avoid these 5 common problems and your project will be the talk of the neighborhood.

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