Design Outdoor Spaces

If you are redeveloping your property portfolio or constructing new homes, your focus is most likely going to be mainly placed on the home’s interiors. However, to ensure maximum value, it is crucial to consider how to Design Outdoor Spaces and how the outdoor space will be utilized by any prospective occupants and landscape accordingly. According to the National Association of Lawn Professionals, 79% of Americans think a lawn is important to purchasing or renting a property. This statistic alone should make considering the use of outdoor space a primary concern for any property developer.

How to Design Outdoor Spaces:

Match The Values of The Home With The Garden

If your home is luxurious, then a plain green lawn will not match. It would be best if you thought about how this luxury can be brought outdoors. A custom made swimming pool from Edgewater Design Company instance is a statement that adds value and suggests a quality lifestyle. Likewise, if you have spent time kitting out the home to ensure it is sustainable, think about how compost bins and water tanks may be installed into the outdoor space. Or how flowers can be cultivated that attract local wildlife or sustain bee populations. The value that you have instilled in your property needs to be reflected in the surrounding landscape.

Create Usable Space

If your housing was designed for the elderly, make sure the same accessibility is featured in the garden. For example, raised beds will allow a gardener to enjoy their outside space without the need to bend down or kneel on the ground. If you have a family home on your portfolio, then a large lawn suitable for installing playground equipment or sporting goods might be useful. Also, consider how many cars your family might own. A cramped driveway is not great if the house has seven bedrooms. However, a large tarmac front might not appeal if the homeowner has only one vehicle. Always think about space’s functionality from the point of view of your homeowner and their family.

Create Zones Within The Space

Gardens are likely to have multiple functions and may need to be designed with this in mind. You may want to create paved areas with seating alongside the bespoke swimming pool for social BBQs, but further down and away from this area, you may want to make a more shaded and secluded part of the garden more suited for meditation or reading outdoors. Ask your landscaper to create as many as possible in the room without squeezing them together or cutting down on each zoned area’s quality.

Design for The Climate

Always consider the climate that your home is situated within. The seasonal changes might mean you need to plant several flowers to ensure the garden looks good throughout the year and not only in the summer.

Design Practically

If your garden gets cold in the winter months, consider storage solutions for gardening equipment and furniture not to get damaged by frost or damp weather. Similarly, if your landscape needs a lot of maintenance, then storage for garden tools and lawnmowers should be considered.

Remember, a garden is an asset that can add value to any property. Investing in the landscape could offer bigger returns overall.