When the Wright brothers first took their contraption up in the air, they may not have known the impact that they were gonna have on the world.

Today, it’s hard to imagine a world without the behemoth airplanes that make worldwide transportation possible.

In this article, we’ll take a look at a few quick facts about the aircraft hangar buildings that house these technological marvels.

1. The First Hangar Was a Cattle Pen

One of the most interesting factors about hangar buildings is that the first-ever hangar used as a cattle pen! That’s right. Decades ago, a pilot had to crash land his plane into a cattle pasture.

To shield his aircraft from the elements as it was being repaired, the pilot needed some kind of storage facility. The only one available was the enclosed steel cattle pen. The farmer whose land he had crashed on generally lent the pilot space.

Upon realizing how functional space was, the pilot immediately ordered more such pens from the fabricator for use as what we know call airplane hangar.

2. Climate Control Is Possible

The next thing to realize with steel hangar buildings is that climate control is possible. Because one can purchase steel buildings that are insulated, it can even be inexpensive to run HVAC to keep the building at a specific temperature.

3. Maintenance Is Low With Steel Buildings

One of the big reasons why airplane ownership is so expensive is because of the maintenance costs associated with aircraft. Due to the heavy FAA regulations, airplanes have to be very regularly serviced and checked to ensure that they are running in good condition.

One of the ways that you can reduce the cost of ownership is by focusing on reducing the cost of operating and maintaining the hangar itself that stores your airplane. Steel buildings are known to be very low maintenance due to the strength of steel.

4. Multipurpose

Airplane hangars are multipurpose. After all, think about it. At the end of the day, all airplane hangars are is a very large enclosed space.

There are multiple different purposes that this enclosed space could serve. For instance, you could store other kinds of vehicles in the space. For businesses that use the aircraft for cargo transportation, the hangar could also double as a warehouse.

Consequently, hangar buildings are often a great investment because of how multi-functional they are and how easily they can be repurposed.

5. Steel Hangars Can Be Prefabricated

Last but not least, aircraft hangar buildings can be prefabricated if made out of steel.

A prefabricated steel building is a very common occurrence. The nature of steel allows the building to be machined almost in its entirety without compromising its effectiveness.

Know More About Aircraft Hangar Buildings

There you have it. Now that you know more about aircraft hangar buildings, you should have a better appreciation for the role that these buildings play in the maintenance and upkeep of an aircraft. You can’t go wrong with a steel aircraft hangar building.

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