The mid-century modern is a design style that started around the 1940s and has continued to grow in popularity over the years. This was the period after the world war, and industrialization was taking off. This meant that new fabrics and materials were being produced bringing about more sophisticated furniture designs, like the mid-century modern sofa. The mass production of this furniture made it cheap and easy to access for the common middle-class homeowners. Here are some ideas that can be used to make a modern coffee sofa a great addition to your living space.

Offer Clean Simple Lines

By design, the coffee sofa offers a clean simple look that’s easy on the eyes. This makes the living space look less cluttered and classy. You can pair it with other basic furniture that has gentle curves and straight lines that offer a simplistic and minimalistic look. Adding a few geometric patterns also plays well with the coffee sofa. This can be achieved when the patterns are on the sofa pillow or the floor rug.

Bringing A Pop Of Colour

The mid-century coffee sofa can be made from several fabrics that have a variety of colors that you might desire. You can go the brightest of colors or settle for a mild one, the choice solely up to you. The color palette of the coffee sofa allows a homeowner to make the center of a living space arrangement. You might have monochrome furniture set in your room, which might be a little boring, but then you spice up the whole space by adding a different colored coffee sofa that breathes life into the room.

Incorporating With Other Styles

To make the room look more elegant, you are advised to add a different style to match the mid-century modern design. The sofas are made from man-made manufactured wood products which can come off cheap. Mixing in furniture that is made from natural materials can elevate the space. You can pair the mid century modern sofa with antique furniture which brings out more detail in the design.

Offers An Extra Sleeping Area 

The mid-century modern coffee sofas tend to be versatile in functionality. The sofa opposed to other designs can easily be used as a sleeping area. It’s simple lines make it a comfortable and perfect sleeping platform, offering the same comfort as lying on a bed. You only need a pillow and a duvet and you are good for the night.

Perfect For Small Spaces

More living spaces within the cities are becoming smaller and smaller as the population grows. Most individuals tend to look for furniture that offers functionality and enough legroom within the small apartment. The mid-century modern coffee sofa is one of those furniture pieces that makes this a reality. They occupy less space within a given room. The L and U-shaped coffee sofas offer more sitting areas while saving on space.


A mid-century coffee sofa is perfect furniture for bringing the best out of your living space. They are pleasing aesthetically and offer comfort. All you need to know is that you are free to pick whatever color and design will fit your desires.